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50 Years Ago (or so) Today

“Set the Night on Fire” by Tom Poole. Located on Cravens 4th floor.


Written and recorded in 1966, The Doors’ classic “Light My Fire” is both eternal and a singular moment in time, a whirling, seemingly incongruous vortex of Bach, Coltrane, William Blake, psychedelia, Latin music, and the Lizard King.   On paper, it shouldn’t have worked.  But on July 29th 1967 it exploded onto the Billboard charts, landing at #1 and staying there for three weeks.  The vortex struck a nerve.

The Doors self-titled debut album from 1967 features the full length version of “Light My Fire” at track 6.

And 50 years later, it still does.

     The time to hesitate is through; no time to wallow in the mire.  Try now.

Jim Morrison sang those words in the bright and tumultuous 1960s, but they could have been written this morning.

–Michael Franklin, Aug. 1 2017

If you want to hear The Doors (and you do), come see us at the Visual And Performing Arts Library (VPAL) on the 2nd floor of Cravens.


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WKU Summer Start Program

On July 17, 2017, the library hosted 46 students from the WKU Summer Start program. This program is a new offering that lets first-year first-time freshmen start college a month early. The students take two classes in order to create effective study habits and begin experiencing college before the fall semester begins.

The Summer Start program contains a mixture of social and academic events. The participants work with peer mentors who teach them effective time management and study skills. They also receive introductions to various offices and services on campus that all students need to know about.

Derek Olive and Erin Holderman from Summer Start believe that the Libraries are one of the most important stops on campus. To Derek and Erin, the Libraries are so vital for college success that one of their first stops was the Helm-Cravens Library. In fact, students moved in on Saturday, started classes on Monday, and came to Helm-Cravens Library on Monday afternoon!

The Summer Start students toured the library with library faculty members Dr. Brian Coutts, Dr. Bryan Carson, Government & Law Coordinator Rosemary Meszaros, and Health Sciences Librarian Carol Watwood. Dr. Carson provided handouts and demonstrated the libraries’ website.

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Renovations Underway at WKU Libraries

Today a crane was brought on site to remove one of two air handling units in Helm Library that will be replaced this summer. The renovations began on May 16th and will continue through mid-August, replacing the two air handlers, both of which are over fifty years old, with newer, more efficient models. Helm Library is closed to the public during this time but materials are available upon request. Departments normally found in Helm – Government Documents, Interlibrary Loan, Reference, and Periodicals – have been relocated to Cravens Library for the summer.


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Congratulations Chris Robinson-Nkongola!


WKU Libraries would like to congratulate Chris Robinson-Nkongola, an Assistant Professor and Librarian at the WKU-Glasgow Library, on graduating from the 2014-2015 Glasgow-Barren County Leadership Program. The Graduation Ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 13th at the Glasgow Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

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WKU Libraries Closing Early

Due to inclement weather, WKU Libraries will be closing early today, December, 6th. The Education Resource Center will close at 4:30 pm, the Visual and Performing Arts Library will close at 5:00pm, and the Helm-Cravens library will close at 8:00pm.

Thank you for understanding. Please be cautious if you must travel.

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Repairs to Cravens Library

After the storm July 20th caused massive damage and leaking efforts are underway to replace the roof to Cravens Library.


__IMG_8960. . . .__IMG_8944
The entrance to VPAL has been repoured in order to make it more handicap accessible.



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July 20th, 2012 Storm Damage


The massive rains of July 20th caused leaking on the 8th and 9th floors of Cravens Library. A portion of science and health books were damaged.

DSCN2164 DSCN2169 DSCN2172

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Charles Smith on Alfred Russel Wallace


Click to enlarge.

Dr. Charles Smith has just published a short article in the Journal of Biosciences, a publication venue of the Indian Academy of Sciences.  In the article he discusses an aspect of the views of the English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace on natural selection.  Smith is currently readying two books on Wallace for publication in 2013:  one dealing with his 1886-1887 lecture tour in North America, and another on aspects of his thought for a French publisher (it will be published in French).


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Peggy Wright Celebrates 87th Birthday


On June 3rd WKU Library faculty and staff threw a surprise party for Peggy Wright on the occasion of her 87th birthday. Peggy has been full and part-time faculty at the library since the 1970s.



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Canadian Consul General Visits Bowling Green

Dr. Roy Norton, Canada’s Consul General for the states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky visited Bowling Green on Monday, May 7 as part of a sweep through the western part of Kentucky. Headquartered in Detroit’s Renaissance Center the Consulate promotes Canadian interests-trade, investment, the environment, culture and academic relations in the region.

While here the Consul General spoke to the Chamber of Commerce, met with Congressman Brent Guthrie and was interviewed by local media for a TV special. More than 20 Canadian companies are located in this region.

DLPS Head Brian Coutts was a lunch guest of the Consul and they spoke about the Canadian Studies Program at WKU. The Consulate recently awarded a 2011-2012 Canadian Studies Library Support Program Grant in the amount of $2,502.25 to WKU Libraries.

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