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July Reference Book Display

This month, the reference area is celebrating Claire Donahue, the WKU alumna who qualified for the 2012 US Olympic swim team. Please stop by the reference area for books on swimming, sports, and the Olympics, as well as the 2010 Talisman, featuring an article on Ms. Donahue from her junior year at Western, entitled “Olympic Bound.”

Books on Display

1.         Historical dictionary of the modern Olympic movement / edited by John E. Findling and Kimberly D. Pelle. GV721.5.H546

2.         Great athletes / edited by the editors of Salem Press ; special consultant Rafer Johnson.  GV697.A1 G68 2010

3.         Encyclopedia of women and sports / Victoria Sherrow. GV709 .S44 1996

4.         Encyclopedia of international games / Daniel Bell. GV721 .B45 2003

5.         United States Olympic Book/ United States Olympic Committee. V721.5 .U6

6.         Historical dictionary of competitive swimming / John Lohn. GV836.3 .L65 2010

7.         The women’s sports encyclopedia / Robert Markel, executive editor. GV709 .W589 1997

8.         The Olympic record book / Bill Mallon. GV721.8 .M34 1988

9.         2010 Talisman

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June Reference Book Display

Come in to the reference area at Helm Library for all things British! This month’s book display features a variety of books on jolly old England, both from its present and its past. This month, Britain celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of Elizabeth II’s reign. Please visit for more information on the event. In addition, June is also the month of the Royal Ascot, and Wimbledon.


Books on Display

  1. Atlas of medieval Britain / Christopher Daniell. G1812.21.S1 D3 2008
  2. Tudor England : an encyclopedia / Arthur F. Kinney and David W. Swain, general editors. DA315 .T73x 2001
  3. The Oxford handbook of Anglo-Saxon archaeology / edited by Helena Hamerow, David A. Hinton, and Sally Crawford. DA152 .O94 2011
  4. Great Britain/ David Else. DA650 .G74x 2007
  5. The Cambridge companion to modern British culture / edited by Michael Higgins, Clarissa Smith and John Storey. DA110 .C253 2010
  6. Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture / edited by Peter Childs and Mike Storry. DA589.4 .E53 1999
  7. The Oxford companion to British history / edited by John Cannon. DA34 .O93 2002
  8. Frommer’s best day trips from London : 25 great escapes by train, bus or car / by Stephen Brewer & Donald Olson. DA650 .B74x 2010
  9. The Cambridge companion to Victorian culture / edited by Francis O’Gorman. DA533 .C36 2010
  10. Routledge atlas of British history / Martin Gilbert. G1812.21.S1 G5 2007x

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May Reference Book Display

This month’s reference display is about medieval and renaissance culture. We have books on folklore, literature, warfare (including knights and castles!) and much more. With the weather warming up, it’s time for Renaissance Faires to start popping up in our more temperate climate, though there are faires to be found all year long. Head on over to  to find a listing of Renfaires in the Americas, and then get ready for the experience with books on costuming (as well as theatre and art) down in VPAL!


Books on Display:

  1. The Oxford encyclopedia of medieval warfare and military technology / Clifford J. Rogers, editor in chief. U37 .O94 2010
  2. Knights : in history and legend / chief consultant, Constance Brittain Bouchard. CR4509 .K55 2009
  3. Medieval world : an illustrated atlas. G1791 .M43x 2009
  4. Encyclopedia of women in the Renaissance : Italy, France, and England / Diana Robin, Anne R. Larsen, Carole Levin, editors. HQ1148 .W67 2007
  5. Encyclopedia of medieval literature / Jay Ruud. PN669 .R88 2006
  6. Medieval castles / Marilyn Stokstad. UG429 .G7 2005
  7. Historical dictionary of the Renaissance / Charles G. Nauert. CB361 .N35 2004
  8. Medieval folklore : an encyclopedia of myths, legends, tales, beliefs, and customs / Carl Lindahl, John McNamara, John Lindow, editors. GR35 .M43 2000
  9. A dictionary of chivalry/Grant Uden,  illustrated by Pauline Baynes. CR13.U3
  10. All things medieval : an encyclopedia of the medieval world / Ruth A. Johnston CB351 .J675 2011 (New Book!) (2 volumes)
  11. A dictionary of Western alchemy / Jordan Stratford ; foreword by Jeffrey S. Kupperman. (New Book!) QD23.5 .S77 2011

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April Reference Book Display


With commencement fast approaching, the reference area turns its attention toward those final preparations for life in the “real world.” With advice on financial planning, graduate school, careers, and even cooking, the reference area has everything you’ll need for life on your own. For those of you not graduating, or waiting for your graduate school classes to begin, our end of the school year display includes a book on summer jobs.

Books on Display

  1. College majors and careers : a resource guide for effective life planning / by Paul Phifer. HF5382.5 .U5 P445 1993
  2. Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance / [edited by] Andrew Morkes. HF5381 .E52 2003
  3. Top 100 : the fastest-growing careers for the 21st century.  HF5382 .T59 2009
  4. Everyday finance : economics, personal money management, and entrepreneurship / [Thomas Riggs, editor ; Mary Rose Bonk, project editor].  HB171 .E93 2008
  5. Summer jobs worldwide.  HD6271 .S86x
  6. Résumés, cover letters, networking, and interviewing / Clifford W. Eischen, Lynn A. Eischen. HF5383 .E424 2007
  7. Ferguson career resource guide to grants, scholarships, and other financial resources. LB2337.4 .F47 2007
  8. 1001 questions answered about cooking./ Charlotte Adams, with drawings by James MacDonald. TX652.7 .A3
  9. Moving & relocation sourcebook and directory.  HT334.U5 M58
  10. The Ferguson guide to resumes and job hunting skills : a step-by-step guide to preparing for your job search / Maurene J. Hinds. HF5383 .H49 2005
  11. GRE General Test / Pauline Alexander-Travis … [et al.]. LB2367.4 .G745x 2010

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March Reference Book Display

This month the Reference Area of Helm Library presents a collection of books on sports. With the weather warming up here in Kentucky, it is time to think about getting out for fresh air and exercise … or maybe just sitting on the couch, watching your favorite sports team get their exercise instead. The MLB will open its season at the end of the month, and the Spring Schedule is already in full swing. Then there’s hockey, still in its regular season, and basketball too! What’s your favorite sport? Read about it and much more in the Reference Area at Helm Library.

Books on Display

1. The ultimate dictionary of sports quotations / [compiled by] Carlo De Vito. GV861.12.a2 P76x

2. Professional sports team histories / Michael L. LaBlanc, editor ; Mary K. Ruby, associate editor. [4 volumes.] GV707 .U47 2001

3. Encyclopedia of women and sport in America / edited by Carole A. Oglesby ; with [contributions by] Doreen L. Greenberg … [et al.]. GV709 .E53 1998

4. The business of sports / edited by Brad R. Humphreys and Dennis R. Howard. [3 volumes] GV716 .B89 2008

5. The Oxford companion to Australian sport / edited by Wray Vamplew … [et al.]. GV675 .O94 1992

6. Encyclopedia of British sport / edited by, Richard Cox, Grant Jarvie, and Wray Vamplew.  GV605 .E53x 2000

7. Encyclopedia of North American sports history / Ralph Hickok.  GV567 .H518 2002

8. Berkshire encyclopedia of world sport / David Levinson and Karen Christensen, editors.  GV567 .B48 2005

9. Career opportunities in the sports industry / Shelly Field. GV734 .F545 1999

10. NCAA basketball. The official … men’s basketball records book.  GV885.45 .N42

11. Berkshire encyclopedia of extreme sports / Douglas Booth & Holly Thorpe, editors.  GV749.7 .B47 2007

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February Reference Book Display


With Valentine’s Day coming up, the reference display this month is “The Sciences Look at Love” with a collection of books from both the hard and soft sciences regarding love and relationships. Selections include books from anatomy, physiology, psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Books on Display

1. The atlas of heart disease and stroke / Judith McKay and George A. Mensah with Shanthi Mendis and Kurt Greenlund. RC 683. M34x 2004
2. Atlas of the human brain / Jürgen K. Mai, Joseph Assheuer, George Paxinos. QM 455.M347 2004
3. Gray’s anatomy : the anatomical basis of clinical practice / editor-in-chief, Susan Standring ; section editors, Neil R. Borley … [et al.].  QM 23.2.G7 2008x
4. The encyclopedia of the heart and heart disease / Otelio S. Randall and Deborah S. Romaine. QP 111.4.R36 2005
5Atlas of human anatomy. QM 25.A798 2001
6. The Greenwood encyclopedia of love, courtship, & sexuality through history / edited by James W. Howell … [et al.]. HQ 21.G67125 2008 v.1 (of 6)
7. Marriage, family, and relationships : a cross-cultural encyclopedia / Gwen J. Broude. GN 480.B76 1994
8. Encyclopedia of human behavior / editor-in-chief, V.S. Ramachandran. BF 31.E5 1994 v.1 (of 4)
9. Encyclopedia of human relationships / Harry T. Reis, Susan Sprecher, [editors]. HM 1106.E53 2009 v.1 (of 3)
10. Encyclopedia of human emotions / edited by David Levinson, James J. Ponzetti, Jr., Peter F. Jorgensen. BF531.E55 1999 v. 1 (of 2)
11. The concise book of muscles / Chris Jarmey. QP321.J45 2008x

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January Reference Area Display

This month, the reference area turns its attention skyward for an astronomy display. Stop by the reference area to find books and atlases on the heavenly bodies.

Books on Display

  1. Great atlas of the universe / L. Benacchio. QB982 .B45 2007
  2. Norton’s star atlas and reference handbook (epoch 2000.0).  QB65 .N7 1998x
  3. Handy astronomy answer book / Charles Liu.  QB52 .L58 2008
  4. Observer’s sky atlas : with 50 star charts covering the entire sky / E. Karkoschka.  QB65 .K3713x 2007
  5. Concise catalog of deep-sky objects : astrophysical information for 500 galaxies, clusters, and nebulae / W.H. Finlay.  QB856 .F56 2003
  6. Firefly encyclopedia of astronomy / edited by Paul Murdin & Margaret Penston.  QB14 .F57x 2004
  7. Cambridge dictionary of astronomy / Jacqueline Mitton.  QB14 .M55 2001
  8. Atlas of the Galilean satellites / Paul Schenk.   QB404 .S43 2010
  9. Atlas of the night sky / Storm Dunlop ; illustrated by Wil Tirion and Antonín Rükl.  QB65 .D86x 2005
  10. Encyclopedia of planetary sciences / edited by James H. Shirley and Rhodes W. Fairbridge.   QB600.2 .E53 1997
  11. National Geographic Map of the Heavens (2 charts.)

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December Reference Area Display


As we prepare for winter and its attendant holidays, the Reference area becomes a winter wonderland replete with snowflakes. The book display for the month accentuates the decorations with books on areas of the world that are covered in ice and snow for much more of the year than we are here in Kentucky. Enjoy books on travel, ecology, and much more with our frozen display!

Books on Display

1. Exploring polar frontiers : a historical encyclopedia / William James Mills ; with contributions by David Clammer … [et al.]. (2 volumes.) G587.M55 2003
2. Antarctica and the Arctic : the complete encyclopedia / David McGonigal, Lynn Woodworth ; [foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary] G587.M34x 2001
3. Fabulous Western Canada : capture the excitement of the Great West! / [research and writing, Tracey Arial … et al.]. F1060.4.F3213x 2008
4. A brief history of Canada / Roger Riendeau. F1026.R58 2007
5. Scandinavian Europe / Harding, Paul. Dl4.S356x 2007
6. The Arctic / Deanna Swaney. G608 .A73x 1999
7. Encyclopedia of Antarctica and the southern oceans / edited by B. Stonehouse.G855.E53 2002
8. Tundra / Peter D. Moore ; illustrations by Richard Garratt. QH541.5.T8 M665 2008
9. Historical atlas of the Arctic / Derek Hayes. REF ATLAS G3051.S12 2003 .H39x
10. Atlas of the Polar regions/ National Foreign Assessment Center (U.S.) G1054.N3 1985

As well as 2 paper maps: National Geographic’s Alaska, and a map of Antarctic Research Stations, circa 1990.

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November Reference Area Book Display

November is Native American Heritage Month. It is a nationally recognized tribute to the heritage of Native Americans, and to celebrate, the library’s reference area has created a book display showcasing WKU’s materials on Native American culture and history.

Books on Display:

  1. American Indian studies : a bibliographic guide / Phillip M. White. E77 .W55x 1995
  2. Encyclopedia of Native American shamanism : sacred ceremonies of North America / William S. Lyon. E98 .M4 L98 1998
  3. Notable native Americans / Sharon Malinowski, editor, George H.J. Abrams, consulting editor & author of foreword. E89 .N67 1995
  4. Biographical dictionary of American Indian history to 1900 / Carl Waldman. E89 .W35 2001
  5. American Indian religious traditions : an encyclopedia / Suzanne J. Crawford and Dennis F. Kelley. E98.R3 C755 2005
  6. Treaties with American Indians : an encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty / Donald L. Fixico, editor. KF8203.6 .T74 2008 (3 volumes)
  7. Encyclopedia of United States Indian policy and law / edited by Paul Finkelman, Tim Alan Garrison. KF8205 .E525 2009
  8. Chronology of native North American history / edited by Duane Champagne. E77 .C555 1994
  9. Gale encyclopedia of Native American tribes / edited by Sharon Malinowski … [et al.]. E77 .G15 1998 (4 volumes)
  10. A to Z of Native American women / Liz Sonneborn. E98 .W8 S65 1998
  11. Contemporary native American artists / Dawn E. Reno. E98 .A7 R45x 1995
  12. E98 .A7 R45x 1995

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October Reference Book Display: Happy Halloween!


For the month of October, the Reference Area will have all your favorite scariness on display: witches, ghosts, and more! Stop by and take a look.

Books on Display

1. Haunted places : the national directory : a guidebook to ghostly abodes, sacred sites, UFO landings, and other supernatural locations / Dennis William Hauck. BF1472 .U6 H378 1996

2.The encyclopedia of ghosts and spirits / Rosemary Ellen Guiley. BF1461 .G85 2000

3.Encyclopedia of witches, witchcraft and wicca / Rosemary Ellen Guiley. BF1566 .G85 2008

4. Spirits, fairies, gnomes, and goblins : an encyclopedia of the little people / Carol Rose.GR549.R65 1996

5. Vampire book : the encyclopedia of the undead / J. Gordon Melton. GR830 .V3 M45x 1994

6. The encyclopedia of mummies / Bob Brier. GN293.B75 1998

7. The Halloween encyclopedia / by Lisa Morton. GT4965 .M673 2003

8. The Hollywood book of death : the bizarre, often sordid, passings of more than 125 American movie and TV idols / James Robert Parish. PN1998.5.P37 2002

9. Encyclopedia of serial killers / Michael Newton. HV6245 .N49 2006

10. The Greenwood encyclopedia of folktales and fairy tales / edited by Donald Haase.  GR74 .G73 2008  (3 volumes)

11. Clowns & tricksters : an encyclopedia of tradition and culture / Kimberly A. Christen. GR524.C48 1998

12. Murder … by category : a subject guide to mystery fiction / by Tasha Mackler. PR830.D4 M22x 1991

13. Hooked on horror : a guide to reading interests in horror fiction / Anthony J. Fonseca and June Michele Pulliam ; foreword by Stine Fletcher. PN3435.F66x 1999

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