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New Leisure Magazines for 2006

New titles selected by the Leisure Magazines Committee for 2006 include:


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported, 120,000-circulation magazine. Supported by organizations such as Greenpeace and Friend and the Earth, Adbusters advocates awarness of the effects from commercial forces. Issues range from genetically modified foods to media concentration.

All In

All In is the world’s leading poker magazine. Each issue presents winning poker strategies and tips, expert instruction, tournaments, player profiles, travel tips, lifestyle features, celebrities, and much more. All In magazine is a must-have for any serious poker enthusiast that expects to win at the table.

American Road

American Road The Woodpecker Route, Liberty Way, Lonesome 50, Golden 99, the Lincoln Highway, Yellowstone Trail, Teddy’s International, and the majestic Route 66–these roads and others like them crossed our country when the motorcar was young. They were the auto trails that taught a nation to vacation. American Road is the premier magazine that celebrates historic U.S. highways and auto trails. It includes interviews with highway preservationists and road legends and contains the best information for road-travel reading.

Analog: Science Fiction & Fact

The pages of Analog magazine have been home to many foremost writers of science fictions. Editors take special care in featuring stories that are both plausible and entertaining. Topics range from gadgets to concepts on how future technology will effect the earth’s population.

Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel

The magazine is a valuable resource for people seeking the perfect getaway. Visitors can easily find articles written by staff. So can they read excerpts from the Frommer’s Guidebook and even purchase the book.


Since it’s release in 1997, Bark magazine has become America’s most exciting and talked-about pet magazine. It offers readers a fresh viewpoint on behavioral issues, health and recreation.


Bitch magazine brings a “Feminist Response to Pop Culture.” It is a print magazine devoted to incisive commentary on our media-driven world. Bitch features critiques of TV, movies, magazines, advertising, and more—plus interviews with and profiles of cool, smart women in all areas of pop culture.

Home Cooking

Devoted to the pleasure of home cooking, this magazine features recipes and how-to articles.

Kentucky Gardener

The only magazine designed exclusively for gardeners in Kentucky, Kentucky Gardener is an essential resource for anyone who wants in-depth, timely advice on local growing conditions. All stories are written by Kentucky and Southern gardening experts, so you’ll be reading about plants and ideas that work for your garden.


Layers is the “How-to magazine for everything Adobe” and is dedicated to teaching readers how to use Adobe’s industry-leading software products.

Mental Floss

Mental Floss takes chore out of learning by presenting information in a way that’s quick, simple, quirky and fun. It covers everything from black holes to the Dead Sea Scrolls, with its pages drenched in facts and trivia.


This British magazine offers great articles that cover classic bands, stories, and the latest waves of musicians, from Americana to Blues to Brit Pop. There is at least one excellent long article in each issue, which will tell you more about bands than you can find in magazines published in USA .

No Depression

No DepressionIt is a bi-monthly magazine surveying the past, present, and future of American music. The ideal No Depression reader believes that Johnny Cash and Jeff Tweedy are both gods, and for similar reasons, they respect tradition enough to rebel against it. Started in the mid-’90s as a vehicle to cover alt-country upstarts, No Depression has since broadened its range to include all kinds of roots music, including folk, blues, bluegrass, indie rock, and even the occasional classic-rock icon.


OdeOde is an independent magazine about the people and ideas that are changing the world. Ode publishes “the stories that are different from the ones we are brainwashed to believe” . Ode challenges us and invites us to change. We realise that change starts with information. We can only make a choice to change things for the better when we learn how it can be done. Ode teaches and inspires us, helps us see how every one of us can contribute to a more just and sustainable world. Ode is published monthly in English, Dutch and Portuguese.


PastePaste is one of the fastest-growing, independently published music magazines in the country. The premier magazine for people who still enjoy discovering new music, prize substance and songcraft over fads and manufactured attitude, and appreciate quality music in whatever genre it might inhabit–indie rock, Triple-A, Americana, folk, blues, jazz, etc. Paste brings thoughtful analysis on the best in film, books and other aspects of popular (and alternative) culture.

Realms of FantasyRealms of Fantasy

Aptly named the “Largest Magazine in the World Devoted to Fantasy,” Realms of Fantasy, a bimonthly publication, is a professional market for the best in fantastic short fiction. Stories address many areas in the realms of fantasy: heroic, contemporary, traditional, feminist, dark, light, and the ever-popular “unclassifiable.”

Stage DirectionsStage Directions

The magazine serves the strategic, practical and technical information needs of small theaters across the country. Each month, Stage Directions will bring you inspiring production ideas, solutions to your everyday theater dilemmas, as well as exciting book, CD and play reviews — everything you need to make your next production a success.

Under the Radar

Under the RadarFor the best coverage on exciting indie-rock bands the world over, read Under the Radar. It offers intelligent, and sometimes humorous, articles that go beyond a band’s major influences, often accompanied by exclusive photo shots. The magazine includes exclusive interviews, album reviews and much more. Stuffed with insightful articles, relevant news and outstanding bands, Under the Radar is a must-have for fans of good indie-pop, rock and blow-your-mind alternative.

Women’s Heath & Fitness

Women's Health & FitnessThe lifestyle magazine for health-conscious women who expect more than just traditional topics and conventional ideas. Each issue covers the vital components of women’s lives to help them become fit, healthy and beautiful.


The leisure magazines are located in the Helm 100 Reading Room on the first floor.

If you would like to suggest new magazines for the Leisure Reading Collection, please feel free to leave a comment.

Brian Coutts,
Chair, Leisure Reading Committee

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University Libraries Celebrates the Holiday

Mike Binder, Dean of Libraries, gives the Margie Helm Award to Roxanne Spencer, Coordinator of Educational Resources Center.WKU Libraries’ faculty and staff celebrated the Holiday in Four Forty Main. At the party, the Margie Helm Awards for the excellent performance by a faulty and a staff member in the past year was announced. Mike Binder, the Dean of Libraries, gave a check of 250 dollars and a certificate to each recipient of the awards. The Margie Helm Faculty Award was given to Roxanne Spencer, Coordinator of Educational Resources Center (ERC), and the award for staff was given to Ellen Micheletti, Senior ERC Library Assistant. Revisit the event by viewing these photos.

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New to Us; Older Cave Materials

A recent gift from the National Speological Society landed us several cave-related titles for the library collections. Although scattered issues, here are titles worth further exploration: Capital area cavers bulletin, Southeast caver, newsletter of the Association for Mexican Cave Studies (which we had tried unsuccessfully to obtain a few years ago), SERA cave carnival, and, closer to home, some annual reports of the Cave Research Foundation.

Just check TOPCAT for location and exact holdings information. WKU’s renowned Hoffman Institute was definitely a factor in NSS sending these gifts to us.

Connie Foster, Head
Library Technical Services
December 12, 2005

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Professor Tom Hunley’s English 305 Had Another Poetry Jam in Java City

A student reads his poem.On the evening of December 12, Professor Tom Hunley’s English 305 had another poetry jam in Java City. The first two dozens or so audience members who arrived earlier each got a free copy of Live From Java City, a booklet of the poems that Professor Hunley’s students read.

If you missed the event, you may view these photos.

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What to Watch with Kids over the Holidays….

Black Beauty, 1994, with Sean Bean: Faithfully based on Anne Sewell’s classic novel, this beloved horse story is told by its hero, the gallant Beauty, whose joyous and heartbreaking life takes him from idyllic days on a country squire’s estate to London’s hard, cobblestoned streets, through decades of owners both kindly and harsh. VHS.

Peter Pan, 2003, with Lynn Redgrave. In stifling Edwardian London, Wendy Darling mesmerizes her brothers every night with bedtime tales of swordplay, swashbucker skills and the ever fearsome Captain Hook. But the children become real heroes of an even greater story when Peter Pan flies into their nursery one night and takes them on a journey over moonlit rooftops to the lush jungles of Neverland. Wendy and her brothers join Peter and the Lost Boys in an exhilarating life, free of grown-up rules. Eventually facing the inevitable showdown with Captain Hook and his bloodthirsty pirates. DVD.

Holes, 2003, with Sigourney Weaver. Young Stanley Yelnats finds himself at Camp Green Lake, where digging a hole a day keeps the warden at bay and “builds character”. An ancient family curse still dogs Stanley and he’s thrown headlong into the adventure of his life. Stanley and his campmates will have to forge fast friendships to unearth the mystery of what’s really going on in the desert. DVD.

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Winter Selections @ the ERC

a boy in cold winterBrrrrr! Time to cozy up with a good story! Check out these winter tales @ the ERC…. Fun for the whole family!

A little boy discovers the sounds of winter, in Winter’s Song, written by Claire Daniel and illustrated by Leslie Bowman.

A collection of poems about winter, including “Sled,” “Icicles,” and “Ice Fishing” appear in Winter Eyes: Poems & Paintings, by Douglas Florian.

A woman frantically rushes to prepare for the fast-approaching winter while her husband sits idly by in Hurry, Hurry, Mary Dear! written by N.M. Bodecker and illustrated by Erik Blegvad.

One winter John Thompson skis across the Sierra Nevada Mountains and creates a path upon which mail and people may travel, thus earning his nickname “Snowshoe Thompson” in Snowshoe Thompson, by Nancy Smiler Levinson with pictures by Joan Sandin.

During a cold spell in December, a song sparrow that has not migrated south must adapt to the changes that winter brings, in The moon of the winter bird, written by Jean Craighead George and illustrated by Vincent Nasta.

Is that hot chocolate ready yet?!

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WKU Student Gospel Choir Performed in Java City

WKU student choir performing in Java CityThe Amazing Tones of Joy, ” WKU’s own student-led gospel choir, performed in Java City on the afternoon of December 6. If you missed hearing them, you can view these photos.

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Suggestion Box

Comment by Jerrod Nelms — December 2, 2005
WKU libraries should collaborate with professors campus-wide in order to know which films are going to be required for their respective classes. Then, the Library could have at least two or three copies of each. This would make life easier for both faculty and students.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and creative proposal to an ongoing problem. In reality, we currently have a mechanism for faculty to collaborate with us and to communicate their library materials needs in the form of new course proposals, library order suggestions, reserve lists and through faculty-librarian communication within our library liaison system. I wish we could order extra copies of movies but given our budgetary situation for library materials, we can’t afford any extra copies of anything. Sorry for any problems that may have caused you.
Best wishes, Jack Montgomery, Collection Services Coordinator.

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Suggestion Box

Please subscribe to In Touch Weekly magazine for leisure reading.
Thank you

Thanks for your suggestion. We have already selected 19 new titles for our Leisure Magazines Collection (Helm 100) for 2006.

We’ll be happy to consider In Touch Weekly next year.

Brian Coutts
Chair, Leisure Magazines Committee

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Suggestion Box

There should be more signs telling you where to look for certain subjects

We are constantly working to make sure the signs in the Helm-Cravens library are up-to-date and accurate. This is not always easy with a collection as dynamic as ours, and if you ever have trouble finding anything, please inquire at one of our service desks. Thank you for your suggestion and interest.

Dan Forrest
Coordinator, Access Services
University Libraries

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