Best Reference Books of 2005

Antisemitism. 2 vols. ABC-CLIO. 828p. ed. by Richard S. Levy. illus. index. ISBN 1-85109-439-3. $185. Antisemitism
The appearance at this university of “Living On,” a touring exhibit of the stories and portraits of Tennessee Holocaust survivors, refugees and liberators reminds us all of the pain inflicted by the proponents of Antisemitism. The editor traces anti-Jewish sterotyping and hatred to the Diaspora. This hostility towards Jews has produced an enormous body of literature. Yet the term Antisemitism is only a century old, appearing first in Germany in 1879. Even younger is the study of Antisemitism as a distinct field. The 612 alphabetically arranged articles were written by 200 scholars in 21 countries. 1,200 of these are syntheses of 1,000-2,000 words on national literature, literary figures and even seminal texts like Mein Kampf. The scope of articles ranges from antidefamation efforts in the United States to anti-Jewish prejudice in Vichy France. Despite the charged nature of the subject of this work, the focus remains on the search for truth. Even Lindbergh gets a new look.

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