Expanding Links in the E-serials Chain

This week TDNet, WKU Libraries’ e-journal management system, will add 1,744 journal links from EBSCO’s EJS database. Users will enjoy additional linking options for titles available on EJS and now linked through TDNet. For example, Library Journal or Research in Social Work Practice will have an EBSCO EJS link as another option for full-text access. From the WKU home page, go to Libraries and click on TDNet on the left side of the menu for complete e-journal access, or go directly to http://www.wku.edu/library/ejrnloff.htm. You can still go to the EJS database and enter that way.

Don’t forget the functionality for group profiles in TDNet when special projects come along and you want classes to track articles on specific topics throughout the semester or for your own personal e-alerts from favorite journals. TDNet is a powerful tool that does not require safety glasses!

Connie Foster, Head
Department of Library Technical Services
April 2, 2007

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