William Woys Weaver Presented American Appetite

William Woys Weaver at the Kentucky Museum.On Friday, September 28 at the Kentucky Library & Museum, internationally known food historian, author and “seed saver” of heirloom vegetables, William Woys Weaver, presented “An American Appetite: The Material Culture of Food.”

Weaver has authored fourteen books, on topics such as heirloom vegetables, herbal remedies, gardening and cooking. He currently serves as Contributing Editor to Gourmet, and Contributing Editor to Mother Earth News. “An American Appetite” explores the trends and ideas in the development of American cuisine over the past three centuries using archival material, old menus, and culinary ephemera to illustrate ways we can better understand where we have come from and where we are headed.

If you missed out the presentation, you may listen to the audio file here or get this Podcast RSS to listen on the go.

To learn more about William Woys Weaver visit: http://www.americanprofile.com/article/2028.html and http://www.pbs.org/pov/borders/2004/earth/earth_int_garden.html.


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