WKU Collection Cited in New Book

Book Cover of Haunted HallsSeveral stories collected by June Baskett in 1965 and archived in the Folklife Archives at Western Kentucky University have been used in a new book by Elizabeth Tucker entitled Haunted Halls: Ghostlore of American College Campuses (University Press of Mississippi, 2007). The stories are from a Folklife Archives project produced by Baskett entitled “Scare Stories Found in Women’s Dormitories.” One story involves a young Bowling Green woman that was supposedly chased and captured by three young men and raped. On the anniversary of the terrible deed, she appears as a “white form” and looks in the cars of unsuspecting young people who are found “necking” on “Lovers Lane.” Another story features an African American woman that was allegedly burned to death; thereafter she was said to haunt the 8th Street neighborhood in Bowling Green.

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