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Annual Holiday Luncheon & Award Ceremony Held in Montana Grill

Carol singing at the Holiday Party in Mantana GrillWestern Kentucky University Libraries held its annual Holiday Luncheon & Award Ceremony at the Montana Grill restaurant on December 11, 2008. Over seventy employees attended plus some retirees.

At the luncheon Margie Helm Awards for Outstanding Performance were also given to faculty, staff, and student workers. For the first year, teams were also awarded. Charles Smith from the Public Services Department received the Faculty Award and Jan Renusch from the Dean’s Office received the Staff Award. Students who received the Award included Candace Rogers from the Dean’s Office; Josten Wilson from the Public Services Department; Josh Mosby from the Technical Services Department; and Geoffrey McMahon, Evan McMahon and Blake Mattingly from the Special Collections Department. Jan Renusch Received the 2008 Margie Helm Staff Award for Outstanding Performances.The award-winning teams were "A Star in Each Flag" consisting of Sandy Staebell, Timothy Mullin, Donna Parker, Christy Spurlock, Jonathan Jeffrey, Sue Lynn McDaniel and Nancy Baird; "The MARCIVE Retrospective Conversion Project" comprising Rosemary Meszaros, Nada Durham, Debbie Lamastus, Dewayne Stovall, Rose Davis, Nelda Sims and Linda Davis; and "Planning the Visual & Performing Arts Library" embodying Therese Baker, Brent Fisk, Michael Franklin, Brian Coutts, Dan Forrest, Matt Bogard, Doug Wiles, David Runner and Nancy Steen.

The luncheon concluded with a group singing led by Jack Montgomery, Jeannie Butler, Jennifer Wilson, Mary Groves and Mike Binder.

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