WKU’s Subscription to Project Muse Expanded

WKU’s Project Muse database has been expanded to include “Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies” and “Western American Literature.”

“The Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies” contains original peer-reviewed research and book reviews on the humanities in Asia, focusing at present on of China, Japan, Korea, and Inner Asia. WKU Libraries provides access via Project Muse beginning with volume 69 (2009). The library also provides access to the journal in JSTOR from 1936 to 2003.

“Western American Literature” is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by the Western Literature Association and Utah State University. Devoted to groundbreaking critical essays on the literature, culture, landscape, and art of the American West, the journal publishes criticism dealing with Western culture and literature (both contemporary and traditional). WKU Libraries provides access to this journal through Project Muse beginning with volume 44 (2009).

To access these journals, use WKU Libraries’ E-Journal Finder (TDnet) available on the Libraries’ Website.

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