Chief Librarian of University of Belize Visits WKU Libraries

Erwin Woodye Photo

WKU Libraries is hosting Erwin Woodye, Chief Librarian, from the University of Belize as part of an administrator exchange program sponsored by COBEC (Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation). Established in the late 1980s, COBEC’s purpose is to link post-secondary educational institutions in Belize and other countries to strengthen and expand their capabilities in higher education.

When asked why he chose WKU to visit, Woodye said there were several factors including the positive response he received working with the university as well as WKU’s library science program. He hopes to collaborate with WKU Libraries in the future. “It has been a great learning experience and everyone has been so hospitable,” says Woodye. “The only thing I would recommend is that the program be longer. There’s so much to absorb; a semester would be better.”

“We have enjoyed having Erwin with us this week,” says Dr. Mike Binder, Dean of WKU Libraries. “He is here from July 21-31 to gather information and learn about our programs, operations, policies and services, some of which may find application to his library system.”


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  1. I’m a part-time student at the University of Belize and am glad to see Belizean staff and faculty broadening their horizons overseas….keep up the great work!

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