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Education Index Retrospective

Check out another of WKU Libraries’ new resources, Education Index Retrospective.

Education Index Retrospective provides a vast record of important education literature in a format easily searchable, with indexing of more than 800 periodicals and yearbooks. Find information on societal trends affecting education, for example segregation, multiculturalism, feminism, economic developments, and more.

  • Accurate, detailed, cover-to-cover indexing of over 800 periodicals, many of them peer-reviewed.

  • Includes the full text of Wilson Library Bulletin from 1914 to 1983, including PDF page images.

  • Cites some 850,000 articles, including book reviews.

WKU patrons can access the Education Index Retrospective and thousands of other electronic resources via our Database Page.


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Readers’ Guide Retrospective

Reader’s Guide Retrospective is a new resource at WKU Libraries that allows patrons to search almost a hundred years worth of Readers’ Guide issues, 1890-1982. This includes:

  • All the information from 44 Readers’ Guide annuals in a single database that your patrons can search easily and precisely; save on valuable shelf space, and no need to replace damaged or worn-out books.

  • Access to over 3 million articles from approximately 375 leading magazines; many of the articles are peer reviewed.

  • Coverage from a wide range of journals.

  • The complete text of Wilson Library Bulletin from 1914 on, including PDF page images.

WKU students, faculty, and staff can access Readers’ Guide Retrospective from our Database page. If off campus, make sure you log into our Proxy Server first.


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WKU Libraries Celebrated Dr. Gay Perkins’ Retirement

WKU Libraries Celebrated Dr. Gay Perkins' RetirementAfter 22 years of dedicated service with the Department of Library Public Services, WKU, Dr. Gay Perkins is beginning a new chapter in her life: retirement. Employees of the WKU Libraries gathered today in Room 100 of Cravens Library to celebrate her achievements. She has really been an achiever. She had already served on 26 Task Forces and Committees by the time she was promoted to Associate Professor in 1994, including two terms on the University Graduate Fellowship Committee and on the Advisory Committee to the Vice-President. By 2002 when she was promoted to Professor she had won the UL Research and Creativity Award in 2001, been published in the profession’s leading research journal, helped found and edit the award winning The Western Scholar, and masterminded the University Libraries first “Client Survey.” Dr. Perkins has been an inspiration for all of us, and her departure will be greatly missed. But we sincerely wish that as she enjoys her retired life, she map out a strategy chocked full of new adventures.

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