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WKU Libraries Celebrated Holiday and Their Best


WKU Libraries held their annual Holiday Party at the Kentucky Room on December 12, 2012. As a tradition, it was a time to give the Margie Helm Awards to its best. Recipients of the faculty and staff awards were Amanda Drost from DLTS and Alan Logsdon from DLPS. Brook Armstrong from DLSC, Carley Ferguson from DLTS, and William N. Hollowell and Kelsey Edwards from DLPS received the student awards, while the team award went to “the Late Night Patrollers” including Kathy Foushee, Angelica M. Harvey, Austin R. Williams, Xun Hong, Meng Meng Ding, Jessica L. Puckett, Lan Xu, Kelsi D. Campbell, Laura M. Bickett, Micheal W. Polston, and William N. Hollowell. The Libraries were honored to have in attendance retirees Dr. Earl Wassom, Director of the Libraries from 1972 to 1985; Dr. Sally Ann Strickler; Linda Allan; and Nancy Baird. Several lucky attendees won some wonderful door prizes after a sumptuous luncheon and a fun game of guessing movies with librarians involved in them.

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