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Veteran’s Day @ the ERC: BookBlog…

Here are some titles housed at the ERC (366 Tate Page Hall) for elementary, middle, and high school readers to remember Veteran’s Day:

The Car, by Gary Paulsen. A teenager left on his own travels west in a kit car he built himself, and along the way picks up two Vietnam veterans, who take him on an eye-opening journey.

Remember D-Day, by Ronald J. Drez. Photos, timeline, memorabilia, and informative text make this a bold introduction for elementary and middle school students.

Sentries, by Gary Paulsen. The common theme of nuclear disaster and human vulnerability interweaves the lives of four young people, an Ojibway Indian, an illegal Mexican migrant worker, a rock musician, and a sheep rancher’s daughter with the lives of three veterans of past wars.

Those Extraordinary Women of World War I, by Karen Zeinart. More text, fewer illustrations do not detract from this book honoring the efforts and contributions of women to the 20th century’s most devastating war.

Veterans Day: Remembering Our War Heroes, by Elaine Landau. This easy chapter book is filled with pictures and short, descriptive text. Good for new readers learning about America’s veterans.

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