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Side by Side: VSA arts 2007 opens at Kentucky Library and Museum

attendees at VSA arts receptionOver 120 artists, students, and admirers turned out Sunday, January 21st for the opening reception of Side by Side: VSA arts 2007. The result of a partnership between Kentucky Library & Museum and VSA arts of Kentucky, Side by Side includes eighty-five pieces of art by professional artists, students’ work from VSA arts classes, and collaborative pieces between the professional artists and students.

Photos from opening.

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Less Is More, Electronically Speaking

WKU Libraries offers several new electronic journal packages that allow access to impressive numbers of titles for existing or fewer dollars.

Just activated are the following: (1) ACM Digital Library, accessed through ACM Portal. A collection of 19 journals and magazines, 26 transactions, over 85 conference proceedings, SIG newsletters, and the ACM Online Guide to Computing Literature; (2) IEEE Computer Society Magazine Package, providing access to 14 journals (whereas previously we subscribed to 7) and backfiles to 1988. This is a subset of the IEEE Digital Library; and (3) SpringerLink consortial arrangement through ESIG (EPSCoR Scientific Information Group) that gives users access to over 1,200 Springer titles and subsidiary companies, but we pay only for our current titles. 33 titles = 1,200+ titles. Not bad! and many disciplines are covered, such as economics, marketing, psychology, educational leadership, sociology, mathematics.

Additionally, we are adding individual online titles for public health and nursing. Check with your library liaison for more information; search TOPCAT for titles and links or TDNet, our online e-journal management system.

Connie Foster, Head
Library Technical Services
January 25, 2007

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