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Kentucky Books

Want Conversations with Wendell Berry or need to check on the Mammals of Kentucky or Bees in America? Check out these titles and more by Kentucky authors or about Kentucky. Perhaps you need to know more about fiddles or dulcimers. How about Dulcimer Maker: The Craft of Homer Ledford and Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance and Folklore in West Virginia. Speaking of folklore, tryLynwood Montell’s Tales from Kentucky Doctors. Maybe you need to focus on women in Kentucky. Try Eliza Calvert Hall: Kentucky Author and Suffragist or Moving Mountains: How One Woman and Her Community Won Justice from Big Coal, or Sue Mundy: A Novel of the Civil War. Still not finding your niche? Move on to Big Bone Lick: The Cradle of American Paleontology, The WPA Guide to Kentucky, or work by Frank X Walker,When Winter Come, or the prolific David Dick.

These are available in the main library. Check us out!

Connie Foster
April 4, 2008

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