Political Activism Exhibit from the KY Museum

Get on the BusTo add to Saundra’s e-mail about “Get on the Bus,” I would like to especially bring your attention to the new permanent online exhibit, “Get on the Bus: Forty Years of Political Activism, 1968-2008.”

Suellyn Lathrop, University Archivist and Records Manager of WKU, aided by many others from the Kentucky Library & Museum, worked many hours to create this unique product that reveals a glimpse of forty years of political activism at WKU emphasizing the political activism of our students, faculty, staff and administration on campus and beyond.
In this extraordinary online exhibit, major categories of the university’s political engagement are noted, including:

  • Civil Rights/Busing/Racial Equality
  • Gay Rights/AIDS
  • Politics
  • Women’s Rights/Abortion
  • War/Peace
  • Timeline – 1968-1987
  • Timeline – 1988-2008 (up to tonights’ debate, John McCain v. Barack Obama)

Check it out at http://www.wku.edu/Library/dlsc/ua/bus.htm.

Michael B. Binder, Dean of Libraries
Western Kentucky University

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