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Far Away Places Presented Dr. Doug McElroy on the Galapagos Island

Doug McElroyOn February 19, 2009, WKU Libraries’ Far Away Places Series featured Doug McElroy , a Professor of Biology at WKU, who talked about the Galapagos Island.

His articles have appeared in the Journal of Wildlife Management, the Encyclopedia of Genetics and many others. He’s taken students to E. Africa to study African Game Species. Most recently in June of 2007 he led a combined student/alumni study abroad group to the Galapagos for a course entitled “Biology in a Social Context: Galapagos and Ecuador.” In addition to examining biodiversity “hotspots” they discussed “ecotourism, bioprospecting and the property rights of indigenous peoples.”

It’s very timely presentation since this year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, who became one of the island’s most celebrated visitors when he reached there on the HMS Beagle on September 15, 1835.

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Nashville singer-songwriter Jamie Fox Performed at Java City

Jamie FoxNashville singer-songwriter Jamie Fox entertained the crowd at Java City with her unique musical style.

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