Let there be light!


Helm Façade with New Windows


Rusty Old Windows of Helm Library












All113 windows in the Helm Library were replaced for the first time since the 1960s. Along with new lighting—it’s made this a much brighter space for study.

photo (7)

Shows the Massive Helm Window Project


Work in Progress

The first of the 99 windows were installed during March of this year and the remaining 14 were recently completed.  The contractor responsible for the job was Romac Environmental Co. LLC from Louisville, KY.  They led the way by removing the existing windows.  Five Star Window and Door Systems LLC from Nashville, TN completed the installation of all the new windows from Sun Windows, Inc. from Owensboro, KY.  The Libraries are looking forward to the additional energy saving benefits of the new windows by reducing heating and cooling costs for the University (blog written by Eric Fisher).


Old Window


New Energy Saving Window


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