“Greyhound to Vegas” by Robert Dickey


St. Augustine, FL resident and retired Kentucky lawyer Robert Dickey was this month’s WKU Libraries’ Kentucky Live lecture series speaker. Dickey talked about his latest book Greyhound to Vegas, the Odyssey of Hilda Reynolds Krause at Barnes & Noble, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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Robert Dickey

This month’s speakers in the WKU Libraries’ Kentucky Live series is Robert Dickey.

After a hitch in the U.S.Marine Corps, he was a reporter and local news editor for the Park City Daily News in Bowling Green, Kentucky, before graduating from Vanderbilt University School of Law and practicing law in Kentucky for 40 years.

Since retiring to St. Augustine, Florida he’s written three non-fiction books, all about Kentucky places and personalities. Dickey’s latest book, published March 1, 2011, is titled: “GREYHOUND TO VEGASThe Odyssey of Hilda Reynolds Krause.

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Google Earth view of Havana, Cuba with Hotel and Casino de Capri highlighted in yellow

It tells the fascinating story of how Hilda Reynolds Krause, a one-time operator of the Greyhound Bus Depot Restaurant in Bowling Green, through her superior business ingenuity and entrepreneurial skills, found herself in Havana, Cuba as an investor in the famed Hotel and Casino de Capri prior to the Cuban revolution.

Riviera Hotel Casino Las Vegas

Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

With other American professional gambling operators (Hilda’s second husband was a professional gambler) they were invited to leave Cuba and moved to Las Vegas.

Here Hilda was an investor in the Hotel Riviera and Casino one of the first to build on the famed strip and later one of the founder’s of Caesar’s Palace. Unfortunately, her story has a tragic end.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, October 13 at 7:00p.m. at Barnes & Noble to hear the rest of this fascinating tale. A book signing will follow.

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Hotel and Casino de Capri

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Salon Rojo

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Casino Chip

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