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SOKY Book Fest’s Children’s Day


The Southern Kentucky Book Fest was a two-day community event. Day 1 was Children’s Day which was held Friday, April 20. It was devoted to school children in grades K-12, librarians, and educators. Students had the opportunity to meet and hear from their favorite authors, participate in dramatic and musical performances, and exercise their creativity in the make and do area. It was lots of fun for teachers and parents, too!

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Matthew Lyon: A Lion For Free Speech

 A broadside found in the Moore House at 801 State Street in Bowling Green reveals resolutions supporting Matthew Lyon and his bid for the election of 1802. Lyon was born in Ireland in 1749 but immigrated to Connecticut in 1764. He served with the Green Mountain Boys and lived in Vermont before moving to Kentucky. He served four terms as the Congressional Representative from the Western District of Kentucky and was first elected in the fall of 1802.  Lyon was the first person to be put to trial for violating the Alien and Sedition Acts and criticizing President John Adams thus becoming a defender of free speech rights. The broadside entitled, Resolutions of the Corresponding Society was produced in Russellville, KY and condemns the criticisms of Lyon. For more information about this and other Special Collections library materials see our search engine, KenCAT.

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