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Folklife Archives Intern

Jessica Mather

Jessica Mather, Folklife Archives Intern

My name is Jessica Mather, and I am a senior at WKU.  This spring, I have been working as an intern in Manuscripts & Folklife Archives in the Special Collections Library.  I have really enjoyed my time here, since I have been able to work on projects that are close to my heart.  Both sides of my family are from Warren County, and I have been interested in Kentucky history, genealogy and local architecture most of my life.  I had been to the library several times for my own research, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to work here.

One project I worked on was indexing a collection of folk songs.  I love the old songs and am interested in how the stories of the past are carried to us through these songs.  I just wish I could sing, so I could carry them on! 

Another big project I worked on was creating finding aids for folklife projects.  These projects contain oral histories, genealogies, photographs and other materials that are valuable resources for researchers and people like me.  I enjoyed learning about communities both near my home and in other parts of Kentucky.  I also got to transcribe a taped interview with a woman who worked as a teacher in a coal mining community. Wow! What an experience!  I’m glad I got to be a part of making these resources easier for people to search and discover the treasures we have here in the Kentucky Library & Museum.

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