Famed Canadian Author Came to WKU Libraries

Sandra BirdsellAward Winning Canadian Author Sandra Birdsell spoke in Room 100 of the Helm Library on Tuesday, June 5, 2007. At present were WKU faculty and students, including employees from the University Libraries.

Birdsell has received more than 20 awards for her writing and published several novels and short stories. Her published works include: Children of the Day, The Russländer, The Town That Floated Away, The Two-Headed Calf, The Chrome Suite, Agassiz, A Novel In Stories, The Missing Child, Agassiz Stories and Ladies of the House, as well as short stories Ladies of the House and Night Travellers.

If you are on vacation and happened to have missed the event, you may revisit it by viewing this photo album and listening to this recording. You may also subscribe to our podcast to listen to Birdsell’s speech on the go using your favorite MP3 player.


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