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Student Rebekah Golla asks:
I recently found out about a confusing policy in place with the library. Apparently, if anyone checks out a book and someone else wants that book, the second person can then take the book from the first person by filling out a recall slip. I called the library to ask about this policy, and they confirmed it. They said that even if a student has a book for only two days and another student wants that book, the first student must return his or her book before the original due date or be fined. Does this make sense to anyone? Isn’t the purpose of a duedate for each person to be able to check out a book for a set length of time? If another person wants the book immediately after the first person returns it, I can understand. However, does it make sense for the second person to be able to get the book before the due date? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the second person to wait and to have the library say that the first person cannot renew the book? I can understand if a professor needs the book, but it doesn’t make sense if it’s a fellow student who is on equal ground.

It seems this type of policy could potentially set up type of tug of war over a book. When I called the library, they said I could return the book and then fill out a recall notice. Then the person who wants the book from me would have to return the book to me before he or she is finished with it. Of course, I don’t want to play tug of war with someone so I wouldn’t do that. Why not keep the first policy in place that a book is due on the due date assigned at checkout? I am willing to wait if another person has a book I want and I would completely understand if I could not have the book until that person returned it on his or her due date. Isn’t it possible to order a book through interlibrary loan? It seems this would be a better solution.

Could someone please look into this confusing policy and discuss it at the library?

Thank you for your time. I think the library staff does a wonderful job helping everyone find the materials they need. They are very friendly and willing to be of assistance at anytime which is greatly appreciated by the WKU community.

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