Behind the Scenes – Photograph Collection

WKU is very fortunate to have a great run of photographs dating from 1906. There are currently three students creating an inventory of the collection. As they go through the filing cabinets of photos collecting data, the university archivist reviews their work, categorizes the images based on twelve series (photo collection) and enters the data into our “Past Perfect” database.

Many of the images are very well described, listing the people, places or events they depict. However, there are a number of images that do not have any or incomplete descriptions. The students do research in the Talisman and other sources to more fully describe the images. The photos that remain unidentified will be scanned and posted online so the public can help us identify them.

We also scan images on demand for researchers. This is a service we provide free for students and faculty and for a fee to those outside the university. The images that are being scanned are being described as fully as possible in Past Perfect. The goal is to mount the descriptions and images online using Past Perfect.

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