Hopping Good Time to View Bowling Green Art

On March 6 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, area art lovers can support the arts by joining in the Bowling Green Gallery Hop. Stop by the Kentucky Library & Museum and see the 2009 US Bank “Celebration of the Arts” Open Art Exhibition in the Kentucky Room Gallery and the 2009 Side by Side exhibit in the Garden Gallery.

The Gallery Hop is a unique collaboration between the city’s independent galleries, non-profit galleries, and studio centers to provide Bowling Green with great artistic opportunities. For more information, contact Lynne Ferguson at 270-745-2594.


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8 Responses to Hopping Good Time to View Bowling Green Art

  1. I wonder what’s the latest and the result of this awesome art show. Care to share the pics here…

  2. lferguson

    More information can be found on the BG Gallery Hop website:


  3. Thank you very much for the link. I like the “Alan Davis – Studio Gallery – Framing” site. Although I am not an expert in art but the essence of his picture gallery ignited more my interest in this field. I know how to paint but I’m into still-life scene.

  4. You look great now…
    I also thought about posting a shot of myself…

  5. Anything going on for 2010?

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