All Tied Up

image from tie dye scarf workshopOn Saturday, April 4, Laura McGee taught a two hour tie-dye workshop at the Kentucky Library & Museum in which participants produced richly dyed velvet scarves. Patterns were created by tying the material with rubber bands and simple hand bunching as they used brushes and droppers to deposit the dye in the desired pattern. All were pleased with their scarves.

More photos.


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4 Responses to All Tied Up

  1. In most cases designs by first timers turns out really great. Will you be publishing some of the images here?

  2. haiwang.yuan

    We will give you an answer shortly. Thanks for asking!

  3. The artists in us will somehow be known from this kind of art workshop. Good thing this has been ongoing and hopefully the finish product be shown in public.

  4. You are really tallented people, that’s awesome.