Author Lynwood Montell Spoke on Tales from Kentucky Funeral Homes

Lynwood Montell, author and retired WKU faculty of folk studies, talked about tales from Kentucky funeral homes at Kentucky Building.Lynwood Montell spoke at the KY Library & Museum on the evening of October 29 about his newest book, Tales from Kentucky Funeral Homes. An author of numerous Kentucky-related books and former faculty at WKU, Montell made his first appearance in WKU Libraries Kentucky Live! series. His tales of ghost stories in Kentucky and Tennessee are legendary, and his Halloween readings have been popular for many years.

Montell, a native of Rock Bridge in Monroe County, founded the Folk Studies Program at WKU in 1972 and taught several generations of students there between 1969 and 1999. He’s the author of 22 books with such enticing titles as: Ghosts Along the Cumberland; Killings: Folk Justice in the Upper South; and Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky.

In his newest book he recounts stories of unusual items in caskets, mournful pretenders, long-winded preachers, and even pallbearers falling into graves. They all serve to demonstrate the pivotal role played by morticians in Kentucky life and culture.

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  1. Thans you his event is free and open to the community. The Kentucky Library & Museum is located on the edge of Western ..

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  3. Wow, Lynwood Montell sounds like a character that I’d love to meet! I’m addicted to ghost stories, haunted house research and all things funereal. In fact, I found this blog post from doing a search for “ghost stories”.

    Thanks for the tip!

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