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Kentucky Live! Presented Fred Gross

Fred Gross talked about his book One Step Ahead of HitlerWKU Libraries’ Kentucky Live! talk series featured Fred Gross, author and speaker from Louisville. Gross talked about his book One Step Ahead of Hitler to a Bowling Green, KY audience of over 40 people at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at Cambell Lane in the evening of March 5, 2010.

Fred Gross, a graduate of New York University, was a reporter for the Journal-Courier, a daily newspaper in New Haven, Connecticut, and has been a public-relations specialist for nearly thirty years, specializing in education. Gross has been actively involved in the Jewish community in Louisville, Kentucky. He has taught a Holocaust curriculum to Sunday school students, and for years has also shared his story with middle and high school students.

Fred Gross knew much about the history of the Holocaust, but he didn’t know his own, being a young Jewish child during those terrible years. In the late 1980s, he asked his mother to tell him the story of his family’s flight from the German invasion of Belgium and the Nazi policies that would become the Holocaust. One Step Ahead of Hitler is a story of survival told in words and in photographs of a journey beginning in Antwerp and ending with his freedom in America.

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