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Dictionary of Irish Biography Online

The library has acquired a subscription to the Dictionary of Irish Biography online!

The Dictionary of Irish Biography is a collaborative project between Cambridge University Press and the Royal Irish Academy, available in print and online, involving 700 contributors and spanning 9,000 lives. The Dictionary is the indispensable reference work for Ireland. It includes the lives of Irish men and women who made a significant contribution in Ireland and abroad, as well as those born overseas who had noteworthy careers in Ireland from James Ussher to James Joyce, St Patrick to Patrick Pearse, St Brigit to Maud Gonne MacBride, Shane O’Neil to Eamon de Valera, Edward Carson to Bobby Sands. The Dictionary will put their lives into every major library in the world and on the shelves of scholars, journalists, teachers, broadcasters, diplomats and general readers. It will be especially important in helping to sustain Irish studies courses in universities throughout the world. ~DIB

To access the subscription from WKU,  go to http://dib.cambridge.org/. From the homepage go to “Browse” or “Advanced Search” to find what you want. No need to log in!* This is a great resource for historians, English Literature majors, and anyone who deals with important Irish citizens and issues of the past and present.

*If you are off campus, you will first have to log into the Proxy server. Look up “Dictionary of Irish Biography” in TopCat through WKU’s library homepage. There is a link to The Dictionary of Irish Biography when you click the catalog entry.


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In Greek mythology, the Anemoi were the wind gods. Zephyrus was the west wind and bringer of light spring and early summer breezes.

1969 Cover

1969 Cover

At WKU, Zephyrus is the fine arts magazine published annually by the English department. It features art, poetry and short stories created and written by students. University Archives holds the full run of this magazine which first appeared in 1969. We are in the process of digitizing every issue for publication on TopScholar.  Originals are available for researchers in University Archives UA68/6/1.


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