SOKY Reads! Alcott Series Continues Tonight

Louisa May Alcott: The Woman behind Little Women

Jennifer Walton-Hanley (left) and Dr. Dorothea Browder (right)

This past Thursday, September 22, SOKY Reads! presented “Louisa May Alcott: Literary Phenomenon and Social Reform.” Dr. Dorothea Browder discussed the role of women in 19th-Century America, while Jennifer Walton-Hanley discussed how Alcott’s novel Work: A Story of Experience influenced women’s rights and responsibilities beyond the family.

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Tonight, September 27, SOKY Reads! will present “Louisa May Alcott Wrote That? Gothic and Satiric Alcott.” Dr. Sandra Hughes will discuss 19th-century gothic novels including Alcott’s little-known thrillers Behind a Mask: or A Woman’s Power and A Long and Fatal Love Chase. This event takes place at the Kentucky Museum at 6p.m.

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