SOKY Reads! Alcott series continues.

Louisa May Alcott:Through her Eyes presentation at KYLM

KYLM director, Timothy Mullin, answers questions about the Civil War Exhibit on display at the KY Museum

Tuesday night’s SOKY Reads! presentation on Louisa May Alcott focused on her experiences as a nurse during the Civil War.  Readings from her non-fiction work, Hospital Sketches, gave attendees a sense of life on the home front during the war, something noticeably absent from Little Women, her most famous work set during the same time period.  The series continues tonight at the Kentucky Museum with a discussion of the role of women in the 19th Century and the influence of Alcott and her work on women’s rights and responsibilities.  The discussion will be led by Dr. Dorothea Browder and will begin at 6pm.

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