Bowling Green Pecha Kucha Nights at Kentucky Museum

The Kentucky Museum and has been designated as the official host for Bowling Green Pecha Kucha Nights!  We are in the process of being  added to the site.

Pecha Kucha Nights are amazing events for all creative people – – educators, designers, architects, students, artists, actors, historians, writers,  chefs, scientists, entrepreneurs and beyond.  It’s a place for people to show their

work, their passion be it fashion, art, design, graphics, finished projects, or even travels photos – – anything that feeds the minds and creative souls of those who present and those who attend.

One practitioner described  it as “PowerPoint performance art,”  with its 20 slides, 20 seconds a slide format.  From  beginning to end, presentations are  6 minutes and forty seconds.  The average PK night has

10 to 16 presenters with a “beer break” in between.  People approach the 20 X 20 format differently, depending on their selected topic. Some presentations are very funny and irreverent,  some are very serious and poignant.

Please contact me if:

  1. You would like to present at our first PKN (late September).
  2. You would like to have one or more of your students present. Do a search of Pecha Kucha in the classroom for examples.  The KM is also open to working  with a particular class or professor  to facilitate outstanding student presentations for our first PKN.
  3. If you are already using PK styled presentations in the classroom.  I would like to chat with you.

Please go online to see a variety of “live” PKNs around the world.


This is just our first “shout out” for PKN at the museum.  The KM will do a  promotional blitz  later for the campus and local communities.

The WKU faculty and staff are some of the most creative, talented people I know!  I wanted to  put the idea out there before the semester ends.

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