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Charles Smith recently returned from a conference in Bournemouth, England, where he was an invited speaker at the ‘Unremitting Passion for the Beauty and Mystery of the Natural World—Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary’ event held on 7 June at the University of Bournemouth.  The sponsoring organizations were the Linnean Society of London, the Society for the History of Natural History, and the University of Bournemouth.  Dr. Smith spoke on the subject ‘Wallace on Natural Selection: What Did He Really Have in Mind?’  The following day he and other attendees were bused out to the site of Wallace’s grave, and were entertained by a nature walk nearby.

Dr. Smith speaking at the conference

Dr. Smith speaking at the conference

Dinner at Bournemouth

Dinner after the conference for invited speakers.


Wallace’s gravesite, with marker consisting of a petrified tree trunk.


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