Library Student scholarship spring 2015


Western Kentucky University senior Jessica “Abby” Zibart has been selected as the recipient of the WKU Library Student Assistant Scholarship.  Zibart is working on a major in anthropology and a minor in folk studies, scheduled to graduate in December 2015.

“Abby is an extremely capable individual who goes above and beyond to make sure the needs of our patrons are met and that all tasks that are set before her are carried out in an exemplary manner,” said Amanda Hardin, reference services specialist and Zibart’s supervisor. “Abby’s attitude toward the position and the new challenges that arise daily have made her a wonderful example to her peers.”

Zibart is a Student Reference Assistant which involves working directly with the patrons. Hardin said she has aided in training other student assistants and has become a leader within the department. With one of the longest tenures as a student worker, Zibart was hired the fall of 2012 and has worked every semester including the past two summers.

“…I love learning,” said Zibart. “Being a student reference assistant has taught me useful skills for researching that I have used in my own studies…I am also able to help other classmates. These valuable research skills will stay with me for use during graduate school.”

The scholarship is sponsored through funding from the Friends of WKU Libraries. For more information on the Friends program, go to and click on “Support Us.”

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