WKU Archives Video Digitization Project Update

filmYesterday we received 9 more videos from our digitization vendor. Some of these are finished products of earlier digitized b-roll. The new titles are:

Student Recruit Master, ca. 1980, a small clip of an interview with WKU president Donald Zacharias is available on YouTube.

There are several segments from the WKU Magazine show:

Fashion Merchandising, nd includes interviews with Vickie Driver, Sallye Clark, Julia Kirk, Donna Lanehart, Virginia Atkins, Diana Youngblood and Karen Massel regarding their experiences at the Atlanta Fashion Market.

WKYU: Super U!, nd takes us behind the scenes at WKYU-FM radio.  Jon Humpert, Jim Tomes, Charles Anderson, Kevin Shanahan, Tom McClendon, David Bickel, and Tom Beesley were interviewed about their work.

A Touch of Jazz, nd is a brief concert performed by the WKU Jazz Band conducted by Emery Alford and featuring trumpet player Jeff Jansky.

Kentucky State Conference of NAACP Branches Freedom Fund Dinner, 10/1992 is a video recording of Dr. William Gibson, chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors, delivery his keynote address after an introduction by Ms. Nettie Davis.

WKU Presents the University Percussion Ensemble, 4/28/1976 features students Kathy Brown, Bill Carrel, Bill Davis, David Dorris, Fran Gould, Bob Kidder, Philip Lombard, Pam Napier, Jay Shrode, Marguerite Spenneberg, Bobbie Watkins and Monte Young playing traditional and non-traditional percussion instruments.

University Reports: Jesse Stuart/Robert Penn Warren, 10/17/1975, Jim Wayne Miller hosts and interviews Jesse Stuart about poetry and James Hellman interviews Robert Penn Warren about All the King’s Men.

There are 17 more videos to be digitized, but the work is slowing down now because of the deterioration of the originals.  We have been extremely fortunate to have recovered these digital copies.  Check us out on YouTube.

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