New Displays at ERC

South Africa Display in large case across from ERC Circulation desk

IYO South Africa Display in large case across from ERC Circulation desk


WKU Libraries’ Educational Resources Center has installed new displays to advertise ERC resources as fall approaches. ERC Library Assistant Rebecca Nimmo was responsible for creating the displays, using her past experience in art installation and curation to better convey information in a visually pleasing and thought-provoking manner.

Patrons will see a Goosebumps-themed Halloween display in the Ellison Die area with a sample of ERC’s collection of spooky juvenile and young adult literature.



Goosebumps’ catchphrase “Readers Beware: You’re in for a Scare!” serves as the inspiration for the Halloween themed display



The Goosebumps theme to promote horror genre reading during the Halloween season


Inspired by WKU’s International Year of South Africa there is an art installation in the large display case across from the Circulation desk promoting notable South African figures Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela and South Africa books available in ERC.



Main display case promoting books about South Africa in ERC



ERC display supporting WKU’s IYO South Africa by honoring historic figures Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela


Finally Ready Reference display area currently hosts an installation honoring LGBT History Month, with an assortment of juvenile and young adult educational books and novels featuring LBGTQ+ characters.



LBGT History Month Display, including And Tango Makes Three


Display includes a sample of ERC's LGBTQ+ collection

Display includes a sample of ERC’s LGBTQ+ collection

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