WKU Libraries’ International Year of South Korea Bibliography

Republic of Korea Flag

Republic of Korea Flag

In cooperation with WKU’s “International Year of South Korea, 2016-2017” series, WKU Libraries has compiled a multidisciplinary bibliography with over 100 resources pertaining to South Korea in fields like: Anthropology, Art, Cuisine, Economics, Education, Film, Geography & Travel, History, the Korean language, Literature, Music, Political Science, Sociology, and Science, Technology, Engineering, & Medicine. The bibliography includes not only books but also DVDs of popular South Korean action thrillers, CDs by K-Pop groups, and web resources for information and news about South Korea.

WKU Libraries IYO South Korea Bibliography

WKU Libraries’ International Year of South Korea, 2016-2017 Bibliography

Whether you are looking for some reading material like Han Kang’s Man Booker International Prize novel The Vegetarianor want to learn how to curse in Korean with As Much as a Rat’s Tail: Korean Slang, you will find all the new South Korean books on this bibliography. Visit our Visual and Performing Arts Library (VPAL) on the 2nd floor of Cravens library to watch some popular Korean movies like Oldboy or A Brand New Life, or check out music by world famous K-Pop stars from Wonder Girls to PSY.

This bibliography is a great comprehensive guide to learning about all things South Korea! You can easily locate information about WKU International Year of South Korea and the bibliography from the WKU Libraries home page and the links below:

IYO-South Korea for the International Year… page

Bibliography for the IYO South Korea WKU Libraries Bibliography

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