Archives Month Exhibit

The Kentucky Museum, WKU Library Special Collections & WKU Archives contain thousands of objects, documents and photographs. While the majority Kentucky-centric, many reflect the world outside Kentucky and the United States as experienced by Kentuckians. This online exhibit called Seven Continents created in conjunction with a physical Archives Month exhibit housed in the Western Room, showcases some of the international collections housed in the Kentucky Building. Additional information regarding these collections is available through KenCat the online catalog.  Some highlights include:

Clara Hines diary

April 17, 1954 diary page from Clara Hines European vacation diary.


QSL Card

QSL card from VE3LZ Joseph Goodier from Maple, Ontario, Canada showing Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls, from the WKU Amateur Radio Club records.

Trading card used by American Life & Accident Insurance Company as advertising tool. The card depicts a native Bolivian woman holding the flag. The reverse of the card gives the following information about Bolivia.


A kangaroo in Australia from the Edwin Galloway photograph collection.

Asia Map

Map of the eastern hemisphere showing Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica in 1856.


WKU president Gary Ransdell seen with administrators of South Africa University signing an agreement for joint programming and collaboration.

Antarctica Map

Map of Antarctica from the Harry Van Sant scrapbook of Rear Admirals Richard Byrd’s 1946-47 expedition.  The entire scrapbook was digitized and posted online for this exhibit.

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