Spring Food Drive at WKU Libraries

Win-win opportunity for WKU students and Bowling Green/Warren County community!

Beginning Monday, March 22, WKU Libraries will accept food donations for a local food pantry in exchange for overdue library fines. For every food item brought to Cravens 4th floor, we will forgive $1 of the student’s fines up to $10. Recommended foods to bring are canned fruits or vegetables, hearty soups like chili or beef stew, peanut butter, bagged beans, crackers, pastas. Food may be taken to any WKU library location. However, to have fees forgiven, food must be brought to the 4th floor of Cravens Library.


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8 Responses to Spring Food Drive at WKU Libraries

  1. I think that it is wonderful to collect food for those in need. Great idea to exchange food for overdue library fines.

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