Far Away Places Presents Medellin, Colombia

Dr. John Dizgun is telling the story of Medellin, Columbia. Far left in the first row is Dr. Holli Drummond.Dr. John Dizgun from KIIS and Dr. Holli Drummond from the Department of Sociology, WKU shared their research discovery in youth and gang violence in Medellin, Columbia with a large audience at Barnes & Noble on the evening of Thursday, November 18. Their presentation was part of a Far Away Places talk series sponsored by WKU Libraries.

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We apologize that due to malfunction of our recorder, the podcast of this great event was unfortunately unavailable.


Holli-JohnJohn Dizgun has been travelling and researching in Colombia since 1998. He spent six months there that year researching the Colombian Jewish community. Ten years later in 2008, accompanied by Sociologist Holli Drummond, he returned on an American Geographical Society Research Grant to identify the feasibility of conducting an adolescent study of Comuna 13/San Javier, a disadvantaged neighborhood in Medellin which had been the source of much youth and gang violence. Jointly they returned to San Javier in 2009 and conducted a survey of three Comuna highschools in an attempt to understand what life in the community was like. They’ll be sharing that story in this month’s Far Away Places Series at Barnes & Noble Bookstore (1680 Campbell Lane) on Thursday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. Hope you’ll join us!



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