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What is it?

What is it?
What is it?

Can you identify this photograph?  It was taken in Bowling Green April 16, 1998 during a flood . . . .

Check back next week for the answer!
This and other images can be found in the University Archives.
This is a photograph of Lost River Cave during a flood.  The Jenny Lind boat had been secured to the roof and you can see how high the water is.


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Kentucky Library’s Global Collections

Though the Kentucky Library and Museum’s major focus has followed our mission statement, “We Collect Kentucky,” our collections can now be characterized as both local and global. A sample of recently cataloged items illustrate this new focus: Institutes of Hindu Law and the History and Antiquities of Carborough, Viciniti: with Views and Plans, The Northern Campaigns and History of the War, from the Invasion of Russia, in 1812, and Memoirs and Recollections of Count Segur: Ambassador from France to the Courts of Russia and Prussia, and Important Engagements Which Took Place Between His Majesty’s Forces and the Rebels, During the Irish Rebellion, 1798., by John Jones. These primary source materials enable researchers to delve into what it was like to live during the earlier centuries by reading these types of first-hand accounts of everyday people, leaders, revolutionaries and their times. For the last title by John Jones, we are among a few libraries that hold this original book including the Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg and the British Library. Additionally, our unique holdings are now more accessible through our “KenCat” catalog which uses the collection management program, PastPefect. The collection is searchable online at http://wku.pastperfect-online.com/35749cgi/mweb.exe?request=ks and covers a wide variety of materials in four areas: objects, archives, photographs and library materials. For more information about these unique collections contact klmref@wku.edu or 270-745-5083.
Irish Rebellion


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Activities this week at WKU Libraries

A big week of activities at WKU Libraries!

At Noon, Wednesday the 10th in Java City the Steven Baker Band performs.

Thursday the 11th, the KY Live Series features local food celebs Kenny and Beverly
Mattingly of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese at 7pm at Barnes and Noble.

Head over to the KY Museum on Friday, Nov. 12th from 5-8 for Harry Potter Night!

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