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The leisure magazine collection in Helm 100 consists of approximated 75 titles selected by a committee of students, staff, and faculty for the leisure enjoyment of our patrons. New additions this year include:

CHEESE CONNOISSEUR: Features articles on the best made cheese available.  “Don’t throw away the rind on that Parmigiano Reggiano!” and an article on the 175 year-old Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City. Ever hear the name Eggs Benedict? According to the article, Delmonico’s had a regular customer named Mrs. LeGrand Benedict and that plate was made in her name. From local growers to international hot-shots, this edition will surely make you want to say “Wine and Cheese, please!”

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Is your room immaculate, impeccable and beautifully organized? Well if it’s not, flip through the pages of REAL SIMPLE, with solutions to questions such as, “What’s that hiding in my closet?” It will help you out so every room gets its well-deserved make-over and it’s designed to make your life easier one step at a time.

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This quirky glossy magazine from Britain sends out its photographers and writers to seek out interesting stories. Recent issues describe Japan’s tragedies, discusses Prince Albert’s incredible collection of automobiles and surveys the city of Barcelona.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get a glimpse of the future in MONOCLE located in Helm 100.

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ATTITUDE: This is the UK’s best selling gay magazine. It features articles on fashion, style, relationships, travel and the arts. A recent issue features an article on wicketkeeper Steven Davies who is the world’s first international cricketer to come out. Flip the magazine over and you have Attitude Active with information on healthy lifestyles, medical developments and food.

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GARDEN GATE: Tells you how to attract nest birds and gives you hot-tips for next year’s collection. Are you planning your harvest for the next year? Want to know what plants are the must have for sun and shade? Has anyone been stealing your prized beautiful flower pots that make everyone gawk in awe? Rest assured, there’s a solution here.

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