New Content Added to American History in Video


We are pleased to announce that new content has been added to American History in Video that we have subscribed to. The addition includes 47 titles from four new publishers, plus more titles from PBS and Universal Newsreels. This update brings the total number of videos in American History in Video to 5,864, or 1,529 hours of content.

All of the new films in American History in Video enhance the collection distinctive ways. You can see a list of all the new content here: The American History in Video collection is accessible from linked from our Libraries’ homepage:

The new providers are Estuary Press, Janson Media, Landmark Media, and Rediscovery Productions. Their videos offer new insights into a wide range of topics, from civil rights era protests to African American inventors; from military strategy to how a president was influenced by the American West.

Perhaps most fascinating are the Rediscovery Productions films. These documentaries highlight major, often overlooked contributions of African Americans to social movements, technological progress and the arts. To learn about Charles Drew and how he created the concept of preserving plasma, and subsequently created the entire Red Cross organization, see “The Charles Drew Story” —

The Estuary Press videos enhance the collection with documentary films from photographer and filmmaker Harvey Richards (1912 – 2001). Richards was a “movement photographer” who supported the civil rights, peace, ecology and labor movements of the 1960s and 1970s. The films are part newsreel, part documentary, some with much detailed footage of the 1960s protests. All of these videos have a raw, personal feel, and give valuable localized views of the social, political, and economic conflicts of this era.

Janson Media is an independent video content producer and distributor. The company has relationships with other providers including National Geographic, Discovery Channel and PBS. The newly added Janson videos range from and in-depth look at how Teddy Roosevelt’s character was influenced by the unforgiving North Dakota “Badlands” to an exploration of the dangerous missions of the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan against the Taliban.

The announcement is adapted from Joni Willingham’s email news release.

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