The Testimony of the Spirits

In Commencement Programtheir  Junior year the Class of 1922 put on “The Second Annual Anti-Homesick Treatment,” the fourth portion of which was a “grand opera” that tells the story of a new student caught between the Spirit of Homesickness and the Spirit of the Institution.  In order to defeat Homesickness the Institution calls forth the Spirits of Friendship, Hard Work, Loyalty, Knocking, Class and Beauty.  For the incoming freshman we give you the Testimony of the Spirits:

Hard Worked Students:

We study hard both by night and day
And that’s the way we always play
But since no labor we ever shirk
We must just here get at our work

Spirit of Homesickness

Right here methinks I’ll take my stand
Some new student may happen by
I’ll grab the poor thing by the hand
And teach her how to say good bye
I’ll try to get her good and blue
And get her ready to skidoo
My mission is where’er I roam
To get ’em blue and send ’em home

New Student

My home I love so dearly
Is far away from me
I begin to feel so queerly
What can the matter be
What can the matter be
I feel so gloomilee
And I fear some frightful illness
Has seized a hold of me

Spirit of Homesickness

Dear Sweet lady so fair
You seem all down and out
Get a change of the air
Or you’ll go up the spout

New Student

Tell me I pray in simple words
Who are these slaves so sad
Who toil right here upon this stage
It makes me feel right bad
It makes me feel so bad am I
A mind to leave this place
Such work as this would mighty soon
Destroy the human race

Spirit of the Institution

Stay my child and peace attend thee
All through the term
His vile words will surely end thee
If you don’t stand firm

Spirit of Homesickness

So dear to your heart are the scenes of your childhood
So, beat it now quick ere they put you to work

New Student

‘Tis my last day at the Normal
I’m leaving here tonight
The views may be ever so handsome
But the work it is a fright

Spirit of the Institution

Ah, I’ve tried to save you
From leaving the Normal School
I’ve tried to save you
But all in vain have I tried
Now fare thee well
Poor foolish maiden, fare thee well
(New Student starts to leave, but Spirit of the Institution in desperation continues)
Ah, once more I’ll try it
To hold you here at school
I’ll try it, and show you what we have
So, now give heed, poor foolish maiden now give heed
(Turns to entrance and continues)
Spirit of Friendship, hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story.

Spirit of Friendship

Just a friend at the Normal
When your heart seems sad
And the world seems chilly
And joy cannot be had
Though your heart be weary
Sad the day and long
Still you’ll find at the Normal
Friendship is strong
Friendship is true and strong

Spirit of the Institution

Spirit of Hard Work, hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story

Spirit of Hard Work

Oh, maiden dear, and did you hear
The news that’s going round
Students are forbid by me
To loaf on Normal ground
Idleness is not allowed
It breaks our moral rule
And students learn to love their work
When they come to our good school

Spirit of the Institution

Spirit of Loyalty, hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story

Spirit of Loyalty

Many a Normal boy to the war did go
To the place that was assigned them
They left their jobs all back at home
And their loved ones far behind them
They did fight in their country’s cause
And you may well believe it
The torch they bore we carry on
I pray you now receive it

Spirit of Homesickness

Spirit of Knocking, hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story

Spirit of Knocking

Listen to me, oh dear maiden
Let me save you from your doom
‘Tis a tragic place you’ve come to
Sand and cold and filled with gloom
I believe you’d better beat it
It costs a lot in this class
And though you worked your blooming head off
You could never hope to pass

Spirit of the Institution

Spirit of the Class, hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story

Spirit of the Class

Class spirit is fine at the Normal
Class spirit at the Normal does shine
Even the seniors, the sophs, and the freshmen
Believe themselves to be ever so fine
Don’t go, don’t go
Come and join the Junior’s tonight, tonight
With us, with us
Your days will be spent in delight

Spirit of the Institution

Spirits of Beauty hear my summons
Come thou forth and tell thy story

Spirits of Beauty

Lovely now oh Normal School
Enthroned in scenes of beauty
Night so fair neath stars above
Oh tender scenes of love
Time doth pass in winged flight
And glorifies each duty
Nights divine soon fade away
Then reigns the splendid day
Oh glorious hill
Lend to us thy loveliness
Oh glorious hill
The birthplace of beauty

Lovely scenes, oh scenes divine
That fill our souls with pleasure
Softly now the sinking sun
His flaming race now run
Rapture beyond all measure
Beauty’s home, oh scenes divine

Hardworked Students

Glory, glory, hallelujah; glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
Our work is prepared
Glory, glory, hallelujah; glory, glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
We’re ready now to play

New Students

Yes, yes, I’ll stay a the Normal
And join your happy band
And when you start your merry stunts
I think I’ll take a hand
You Juniors sure will find me game
I’ll ope your drowsy eyes
If you don’t think I’ll study hard
You’re in for a surprise

Hardworked Students

We greet you dear student
You size up just right
Your sudden decision
Will jolt that old freight


Oh Normal School, dear Normal School
Our work with thee we count as gain
Thy hours of toil are hallowed ones
And pleasures pass in happy train
Your work is blooming in our souls
Here friendship made will live for aye
And thy fair scenes will we believe
Teach us to walk in beauty’s way
Oh Normal School, dear Normal School
The years may come, the years may go
But in our memory you will live
A happy page, though long ago

This document and others created by various classes of students are available to researchers in WKU Archives.  Use the Class of page to search KenCat to find more information about any class.

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