DSCN0825On Thursday, October 24, 2009 Dean Mike Binder, Library Public Services Head Brian Coutts and Rob Harbison toured the new WKU-O Building under construction with Owensboro Campus Director Gene Tice.  Scheduled to open on January 10, 2010 the 31,000 square foot structure will include 18 classrooms and a totally wireless environment.  The group reviewed plans for library services in the new building.  A Task Force has been appointed to plan for an opening day collection to be housed on the second floor of the Hartford Road structure.

Brian Coutts

DSCN0826 ~ DSCN0833

WKU Owensboro on Flickr.


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  1. Rob Harbison

    Fabulous looking building. It should run a few heads.

  2. I like the old style look. It is designed like many of the buildings here in the city.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. The building looks very modern for its surroundings.

  4. Is this building currently up and running? 18 Classrooms is a nice addition. I hear they needed it pretty bad.

  5. the building looks fabulous are there any more pictures you can upload… 18 rooms schools is good start though.

  6. 18 class rooms is a good start and the building looks fabulous can you upload more picture?

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  10. the old style look. It is designed like many of the buildings here in the city.

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  12. style look. It is designed like many of the buildings here in the city.

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  38. How is the new building now?

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