WKU Archives Video Digitization Project ~ Grand Finale!

At the end of September we received the last shipment of 2-inch quadruplex

2 Inch Quad Videotape

2 Inch Quad Videotape

videotapes back to WKU Archives and along with the originals came DVDs of the converted tapes. We have completed uploading the videos to YouTube and the following are now available:

Kentucky Constitution Revision Debate – a town hall meeting to discuss the pros and cons of revising the Kentucky constitution with Lt. Governor Thelma Stovall and Richard Lewis debating the issue.

Installation of WKU President Donald Zacharias Part I & Part II, 1979

WKU Television Program Sampler which includes a WKU promotion, Genealogy: A Search for Heritage clip, Green River clip and Emery Alford faculty recital

WKU Choir: A Christmas Concert, 1973 – enjoy the music of the season performed by the WKU Choir directed by Ohm Pauli.

Sylvia Kersenbaum: A Concerto – in depth interview of Kersenbaum regarding her music and teaching career.

Kentucky Heritage: Folk Housing in Kentucky – Montell Lynwood describes the different kinds of folk housing found in the state.

WKU Dialogue: Jim Wayne Miller – interview of Miller by Al Smith.

WKU Dialogue: Ervin Houchens – interview of Houchens by Al Smith regarding the rise of Houchens grocery empire.

Year of the Blight – WKU Agriculture Department report on the corn blight of 1970.  Includes interviews with farmers and agri-business owners in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

We’d like to thank the staff at Transfer Media, LLC in Indianapolis for doing such a great job rehabilitating some very old, damaged and outdated technology in order for us to make it available to you.

There are still many videos and films in the WKU Archives collection which need to be digitized.  Please consider donating to the WKU Archives Digitization Fund today.


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