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Booktalk: Karen Petrone at the WKU Owensboro Campus

Dr. Karen Petrone, Chair of the Department of History at the University of Kentucky, talking on “The Great War (WWI) in Russian Memory” at WKU Owensboro Campus

Dr. Karen Petrone, Chair of the Department of History at the University of Kentucky, talking on “The Great War (WWI) in Russian Memory” at WKU Owensboro Campus

On Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 7 pm, the WKU Owensboro Campus hosted a reprise of Karen Petrone’s April Far Away Places talk on her book “The Great War (WWI) in Russian Memory.” Dr. Petrone is the chair of the Department of History at the University of Kentucky, and her work focuses on cultural histories of Russia and the Soviet Union.

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May Reference Area Book Display


As the weather warms and our students head back home, the reference area displays books about horticulture to inspire beautiful gardens!

Books on display:

  1. Tour of the flowering plants : based on the classification system of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group / texts and photographs by Priscilla Spears.  QK495.A1 S6 2006
  2. Wildflowers of the eastern United States / by Wilbur H. Duncan and Marion B. Duncan. QK115 .D86 1999
  3. Plant life of Kentucky : an illustrated guide to the vascular flora / Ronald L. Jones ; with the assistance of John W. Thieret and Charles J. Lapham. QK162 .J66 2005
  4. Wildflowers and ferns of Kentucky / Thomas G. Barnes and S. Wilson Francis.  QK162 .B37 2004
  5. Rodale’s encyclopedia of indoor gardening / edited by Anne M. Halpin.  SB419 .R74
  6. Encyclopedia of gardens : history and design / editor, Candice A. Shoemaker.  SB465 .E63x 2001
  7. Herbs : the gardener’s guide / text by Patrick Lima ; photographs and illustrations by Turid Forsyth.  SB351.H5 L56x 2001
  8. American Horticultural Society encyclopedia of plants & flowers / editor-in-chief, Christopher Brickell.  SB403.2 .A438 2011

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April Reference Area Book Display


April is National Stress Awareness Month. The library has many books on recognizing stress and its effects, as well as physical and psychological ways to manage stress.  Stop by the reference area to read about stress and learn how to manage its effects.

Books on Display

  1. Encyclopedia of stress / editor-in-chief, George Fink. QP82.2.S8 E53 2000 (Volume 1 of 3)
  2. Encyclopedia of stress and stress-related diseases / Ada P. Kahn ; foreword by Delbert H. Meyer. QP82.2.S8 K34
  3. Gale encyclopedia of mental health / Kristin Key, editor. RC437 .G36 2012
  4. Mental health disorders sourcebook… / edited by Amy L. Sutton. RC454.4 .M458 2009
  5. Encyclopedia of counseling / Frederick T. L. Leong, editor-in-chief. BF636.54 .E53 2008 (Volume 1 of 4)
  6. Encyclopedia of human emotions / edited by David Levinson, James J. Ponzetti, Jr., Peter F. Jorgensen. BF531 .E55 1999 (Volume 1 of 2)
  7. The complete mental health directory : a comprehensive source book for individuals and professionals / editorial director: Laura Mars: medical editor, Nada Stotland. RA790.6 .C62
  8. Fitness and exercise sourcebook …/ edited by Laura Larsen. GV436 .F53 2011

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March Reference Area Book Display


The month of March is all about the Irish in the Reference area. This month’s book display features books on Celtic culture and folklore, as well as information on modern Ireland.


Books on Display

  1. Encyclopedia of Irish history and culture / James S. Donnelly Jr., editor in chief ; Karl S. Bottigheimer … [et al.], associate editors.  DA912 .E53 2004 (Vol. 1 of 2)
  2. Celtic culture : a historical encyclopedia / John T. Koch, editor. CB206 .C45 2006 (Vol. 1 of 5)
  3. Medieval Ireland : an encyclopedia / Seán Duffy, editor ; associate editors, Ailbhe MacShamhráin, James Moynes. DA933 .M43 2005
  4. A dictionary of Irish mythology / Peter Berresford Ellis. BL980 .I7 E45 1989
  5. Lane’s English-Irish dictionary / compiled from the most authentic sources by T. O’Neill Lane. PB1289 .L3 2010x
  6. An atlas of Irish history / Ruth Dudley Edwards ; with Bridget Hourican. G1831.S1 E3 2005
  7. The encyclopedia of Celtic mythology and folklore / Patricia Monaghan. BL900 .M66 2004
  8. Ireland : a reference guide from the Renaissance to the present / John P. McCarthy. DA911 .M34 2006
  9. The Blackwell companion to modern Irish culture / edited by W.J. McCormack. DA925 .B47 1999
  10. Irish America : the historical travel guide / Richard Demeter. E184 .I6 D46 1997x

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February Reference Area Book Display

February's Display Quote

This month’s book display comes to us from the age of romanticism and mysticism, England’s Victorian Period. The Victorian period, named after Queen Victoria , consists of the years of her reign, from 1827 to 1901. Supplementing the books on display are books on the Gilded Age, in America, which ran concurrent to the latter half of the Victorian era.  Despite its reputation for being stodgy and stuffy (in line with Queen Victoria’s own strict personal morality), the Victorian era was actually a period that valued emotion, particularly in artistic and literary works.

Books on Display

  1. Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era / edited by John D. Buenker and Joseph Buenker.  E661 .E53 2005 (1 of 3 Volumes)
  2. Kings, queens, bones, and bastards : who’s who in the English monarchy from Egbert to Elizabeth II / David Hilliam. DA28.1 .H55 1998
  3. Encyclopedia of the romantic era, 1760-1850 / Christopher John Murray, general editor. NX452.5.R64 E53 2004 (1 of 2 Volumes)
  4. Historical dictionary of the Gilded Age / T. Adams Upchurch. E661 .U66 2009
  5. The Brontës A to Z : the essential reference to their lives and work / Lisa Paddock and Carl Rollyson. PR4168 .P28 2003
  6. A companion to Charles Dickens / edited by David Paroissien. PR4588 .C636 2011
  7. Cambridge companion to Victorian culture / edited by Francis O’Gorman. DA533 .C36 2010
  8. The Gilded Age / Judith Freeman Clark. E661 .C575 2006
  9. The Cambridge companion to English literature, 1740 to 1830 / edited by Thomas Keymer and Jon Mee. PR441 .C36 2004
  10. Victorian Britain : an encyclopedia / Sally Mitchell, editor; Michael J. Herr, editorial and research assistant ; advisory editors Josef L. Altholz . . . [et al.] DA550 .V53 1988

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January Reference Area Book Display


The reference desk may have moved to its new home in the Commons at Cravens, but the reference collection and book display remain where they have always been, and this month’s display is brand new, with a hobby theme. January is National Hobby Month. The books on display cover a wide range of hobbies, from cooking, to martial arts, to woodworking and more. Find a new hobby or rekindle an old passion with the books in reference!


Books on Display

Hobbyist sourcebook. GV1201.5 .H63

Classic American cars / by Quentin Willson. TL23 .W583 1997

Chef’s companion : a culinary dictionary / Elizabeth Riely ; illustrations by David Miller. TX349 .R48 2003

Martial arts of the world : an encyclopedia / edited by Thomas A. Green.  GV1101 .M29 2001

The video game explosion : a history from PONG to Playstation and beyond / edited by Mark J.P. Wolf. GV1469.34.S52 V52 2008

Crossword puzzle dictionary / Andrew Swanfeldt. GV1507 .C7 S85 1990x

The encyclopedia of the sword / Nick Evangelista, foreword by William M. Gaugler. GV1143.2 .E93 1995

Dictionary of photography : pocket companion. / Richard Ehrlich. TR9.E37 1984

Reader’s digest complete do-it-yourself manual. TT155.R4

Wood : identification & use / Terry Porter. SD536 .P67x 2006

The illustrated encyclopedia of musical instruments / general editor, Robert Dearling. ML102 .I5 I55x 1996

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December Reference Area Book Display



You’re in the home stretch! Winter break is just around the corner, and with it, holidays and celebrations for one and all.  Our December book display covers a wide range of typical holiday symbols and customs; there are book on the events themselves, as well as plants (including the ubiquitous poinsettia), food, drink, presents, and tips for entertaining. Even if all you are celebrating is the end of the semester and a break from papers and exams, we in Helm Library Reference wish you a happy, safe and enjoyable Winter Break!

Books on Display

  1. The Cultural history of plants / Ghillean Prance, consulting editor ; Mark Nesbitt, scientific editor.   SB71.C86 2005
  2. One planet, many people : atlas of our changing environment / UNEP ; Ashbindu Singh, team coordinator.  GE149.O53X
  3. Quotations for special occasions, by Maud Van Buren.    PN6084.O3
  4. The master dictionary of food and wine / Joyce Rubash ; illustrations by Benchmark Productions, Inc.   TX349.R83
  5. Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Super Bowl : an encyclopedia / edited by Melitta Weiss Adamson and Francine Segan.  TX731.E5824
  6. Difford’s encyclopedia of cocktails : 2600 recipes / Simon Difford.  TX951.D54
  7. Encyclopedia of holidays and celebrations : a country-by-country guide / Matthew Dennis, editor.  GT3930.E53
  8. Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America / Gary S. Cross, editor in chief.  ( 2 vol.) GV53.E53
  9. Chase’s … calendar of events. GT4803.C48 2013
  10. Toys and American culture : an encyclopedia / Sharon M. Scott. GV1218.62 .S37 2010

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October Reference Book Display

October is National Arts and Humanities Month. WKU offers more than 30 degrees in the Arts and Humanties, in 10 departments. (Potter College of Arts and Letters also includes several social science departments).  Stop by the Reference Area to see a collection of books about research and practice in the Arts and Humanities.


Books on Display

1.  Timeline book of the arts / George Ochoa and Melinda Corey.  NX447.5 .O24x 1995

2.  Visual & performing arts. NX303 .P52

3.   Peterson’s graduate programs in the humanities, arts & social sciences. L901 .P443x

4.    History highway : a 21st century guide to Internet resources / edited by Dennis A. Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman. D16.117 .H55 2006

5.    Research guide for undergraduate students : English and American literature / Nancy L. Baker and Nancy Huling. PR56 .B34 1996

6.    Choral music : a research and information guide / Avery T. Sharp and James Michael Floyd. ML128.C48 S53 2002

7.    A research guide for undergraduate students : English and American literature / Nancy L. Baker and Nancy Huling. PR56 .B34 1996

8.   Reference sources in history : an introductory guide / Ronald H. Fritze, Brian E. Coutts, Louis Vyhnanek ; with the assistance of Walter Bell and Jimmy Bryant.  D20 .F75x 2004

9.   Music reference and research materials : an annotated bibliography.  ML113 .D83 1997

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September Reference Area Book Display

abc-notepaper-back-to-school-backgrounds-wallpapersIt’s that time of year again! New classes have begun and, as the class of 2016 enters their very first semester, many student have not yet declared a major or already thinking that their chosen major is not right for them. The Reference Area wishes to help those who are lost or unsure with a book display showcasing career information for some of Western’s most popular majors.

Books on Display

1.    Career opportunities in education / Susan Echaore-McDavid.  LB1775.2 .E33 2001

2.    College majors and careers : a resource guide for effective life planning / by Paul Phifer. HF5382.5 .U5 P445 1993

3.    The top 100 : the fastest-growing careers for the 21st century. HF5382 .T59 2009

4.   Sociology : a guide to reference and information sources / Stephen H. Aby. HM585 .A29x 1997

5.   Health care careers directory / American Medical Association. R847 .D57

6.   A student’s dictionary of psychology / Peter Stratton and Nicky Hayes. BF31 .S69 1993

7.  Ferguson career resource guide to apprenticeship programs / edited by Elizabeth H. Oakes. HD4885.U5 F47 2006

8.  Career opportunities in journalism / Jennifer Bobrow Burns ; foreword by Janice Castro.  PN4797 .B87 2007

9.  Career opportunities in theater and the performing arts / Shelly Field. PN1580 .F5 1999

10.  Career opportunities in the sports industry / Shelly Field. GV734 .F545 1999

11.  Career opportunities in conservation and the environment / Paul R. Greenland and AnnaMarie L. Sheldon. S945 .G74 2008

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August Reference Book Display

It may seem early to think about it, with summer session classes not ending until August 9th, but the academic year of 2012-2013 will soon be upon us. M.A.S.T.E.R  Plan will begin August 19th,  with class sessions beginning the following week. To that end, Helm Library’s Reference display for August focuses on information about campus, community, and county, for all the new students attending our university, and any who might have forgotten us over the break!

Books On Display

1. Architecture of Warren County, Kentucky, 1790-1940 / Alice Colvard and Kevin Hunter.

F457.W2 C64x 1984

2. Bowling Green / Jonathan Jeffrey and the Kentucky Library. F459.B7 J35x 2003

3. Western Kentucky University : the first 100 years, 1906-2006 / by Nancy Disher Baird, Carol Crowe Carraco, Sue Lynn Stone McDaniel.  LD5941.W5 B34x 2006

4. 2011 Western Kentucky University Fact Book/ Western Kentucky University. LD5941.W5 A2

5. Faces & places : Warren County.  F457 .W2 F32x 1996

6. Bowling Green, a pictorial history / Nancy Disher Baird, Carol Crowe-Carraco, and Michael L. Morse. F459 .B7 B34x 1983

7. 60 hikes within 60 miles, Nashville / by Johnny Molloy.  GV199.42.T22 N376 2002

8. A FalconGuide to Mammoth Cave National Park : a guide to exploring the caves, trails, roads, and rivers / Johnny Molloy. GV200.655.K42 M256 2006

9. Robert Penn Warren : a documentary volume / James A. Grimshaw, Jr. PS221 .D55x v.320


From the Maps Collection:

Bowling Green City Map

Bowling Green Visitor’s Guide and Map

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