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Grand Opening for New Quilt Gallery at Kentucky Museum

Information:  Monday, February 6, 2012
Contact: Jennifer Wilson, 745.6977 or jennifer.wilson1@wku.edu

Friday, February 24 will mark the grand opening for the Richardson Quilt Gallery–WKU’s latest permanent exhibition. The gallery will include two dozen quilts and historic textile samples collected by Elizabeth Richardson and donated by her daughter June McGuyer. “The acquisition of the Richardson Collection enhances the stature of the Museum as a leading Kentucky institution for the study of quilts and quilt making,” said Sandy Staebell, Museum Collections Curator.

Assembled over two decades, the Elizabeth Richardson Collection is a case study of American quilt collecting from the late 1930s through the late 1950s. In addition to the Richardson Collection, the gallery will also feature sixteen Star pattern quilts that were selected from other donors of the Kentucky Museum Quilt Collection. Dedicated to Richardson’s memory, this permanent gallery will offer a rotating selection of quilts and historic textiles.

Vicki Fitch, Executive Director for the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, says there is a large following for the quilt industry. “Supporters will drive many miles to view a new collection of quilts. It’s their passion,” said Fitch “We are very pleased that Bowling Green can now offer the Richardson Quilt Gallery as an attraction to the state.”

The grand opening will open with a Chamber Ribbon Cutting on Friday, February 24 at 2 pm. Anyone in the community is welcome to attend this event. For more information regarding the quilt gallery, go to wku.edu/museum.

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The Scopes Monkey Trial

Homemade collage with thoughts on evolution, John Scopes scrapbook

Homemade collage with thoughts on evolution, John Scopes scrapbook

It was a lawsuit to test the constitutionality of Tennessee’s Butler Act, a 1925 statute making it a misdemeanor for teachers in state-supported schools “to teach any theory that denies the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.”  But when State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes caught the satirical eye of anti-fundamentalist editor H. L. Mencken, he came up with a catchier name: the Scopes “Monkey Trial.”

The defendant was John Scopes, a Dayton, Tennessee high school coach, substitute biology teacher and Paducah, Kentucky native.  The attorney “dream teams” included Clarence Darrow for the defense and William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution.  After 12 days of testimony, in July 1925 a Dayton court upheld the law and convicted Scopes of violating its provisions.  Although the conviction was later overturned on a technicality, the Butler Act was not repealed until 1967.

Part of a scrapbook kept by John Scopes and his wife Mildred containing material relating to the Scopes Trial has been recently donated to the Manuscripts & Folklife Archives section of WKU’s Special Collections Library.  Included in its pages are letters from international divorce lawyer Dudley Field Malone offering his services as co-counsel, and from Clarence and Ruby Darrow commenting on press reaction to the trial in the South.

Much of the material documents the years after the trial during which Scopes, who left teaching for a career as a geologist, found himself a reluctant celebrity.  When Inherit the Wind, a movie based on the trial, was released in 1960, however, he appeared at its premiere in Dayton and at the accompanying “Scopes Trial Day” festivities.  Other correspondence relates to his 1967 memoir, Center of the Storm.  Also included are hand-crafted anti-evolution religious tracts and letters from both friends and strangers offering thoughts and reflections on the “Monkey Trial.”

Click here to download a finding aid for the John T. Scopes Collection.  For more of our collections, search TopSCHOLAR and KenCat.

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Educational Resources Center Explodes with Patrons!

Patron number count in the Educational Resources Center has almost doubled with an 87% increase since it’s relocation to the first floor of Gary Ransdell Hall. “The move to Gary A. Ransdell Hall has made the ERC much more visible and accessible to the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, as well as the larger WKU community. We have seen a tremendous increase in library use. Our circulation figures have risen dramatically, as have our reference and research assistance services. It’s a pleasure to have students, staff, and faculty come into the ERC, wanting to use our facility for study sessions, computer use, meetings, and other group activities. This is what a library should be–a vibrant center of any community. We are absolutely delighted with the response,” said Roxanne Spencer, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the ERC.

The Educational Resources Center offers more than 45,000 practical materials to check out for classroom, special projects, or home use. The collection includes books for youth, titles for teacher education, K-12 textbooks, as well as hundreds of family friendly and instructional videos, and other multimedia resources. Several computer workstations are also available to access WKU Libraries’ research databases, WKU online accounts, the Internet, and for general coursework.

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August Reference Book Display

It may seem early to think about it, with summer session classes not ending until August 9th, but the academic year of 2012-2013 will soon be upon us. M.A.S.T.E.R  Plan will begin August 19th,  with class sessions beginning the following week. To that end, Helm Library’s Reference display for August focuses on information about campus, community, and county, for all the new students attending our university, and any who might have forgotten us over the break!

Books On Display

1. Architecture of Warren County, Kentucky, 1790-1940 / Alice Colvard and Kevin Hunter.

F457.W2 C64x 1984

2. Bowling Green / Jonathan Jeffrey and the Kentucky Library. F459.B7 J35x 2003

3. Western Kentucky University : the first 100 years, 1906-2006 / by Nancy Disher Baird, Carol Crowe Carraco, Sue Lynn Stone McDaniel.  LD5941.W5 B34x 2006

4. 2011 Western Kentucky University Fact Book/ Western Kentucky University. LD5941.W5 A2

5. Faces & places : Warren County.  F457 .W2 F32x 1996

6. Bowling Green, a pictorial history / Nancy Disher Baird, Carol Crowe-Carraco, and Michael L. Morse. F459 .B7 B34x 1983

7. 60 hikes within 60 miles, Nashville / by Johnny Molloy.  GV199.42.T22 N376 2002

8. A FalconGuide to Mammoth Cave National Park : a guide to exploring the caves, trails, roads, and rivers / Johnny Molloy. GV200.655.K42 M256 2006

9. Robert Penn Warren : a documentary volume / James A. Grimshaw, Jr. PS221 .D55x v.320


From the Maps Collection:

Bowling Green City Map

Bowling Green Visitor’s Guide and Map

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